Fully Assembled vs Part Assembled Wardrobes

Buying a wardrobe is not as simple as just placing an order online and waiting for a delivery of a fully assembled wardrobe. In many cases buying a fully assembled wardrobe is actually a bad move. Within this post I want to go through exactly why. In fact to fully understand what you are buying I want to go through the different conditions wardrobes can be bought in. Looking at it simply they boil down to three options - flat packed, part assembled and fully assembled. In this post we are going … [Read more...]

Oakland Quad Wardrobe

This is the Oakland Quad Wardrobe, a beautiful four door wardrobe that offers hanging rails, internal shelves and a selection of drawers all with strength and good looks- what more could you want? A four door oak wardrobe with drawers is pretty much the ultimate in bedroom furniture. It combines the size of a quad wardrobe with the strength of oak wood and the storage capacity of a wardrobe with extra drawers. It really is an investment that is worth taking. The wardrobe is part assembled … [Read more...]

Oak vs Pine

When it comes to furniture there are two main choices of wood - oak and pine. Both have a place but there are many questions surrounding them which can determine which wood is best for your needs. It is always good to know all you need to know before making a purchase and this is particularly the case when investing in furniture. Below we look a little more at the differences between oak and pine as well as the pros and cons of each one so you can make the best choice for you.   Is … [Read more...]

Benefits of Pine Wardrobes

Pine wardrobes are a popular choice for any bedroom and when you see the list of benefits it is easy to see why. It isn't though about any one benefit but rather the combination of benefits that pine wood offers. Below are the top benefits of pine wardrobes. Benefits of Pine Wardrobes Looks good One of the main factors people opt for pine wardrobes is their look. They offer a warm attractive wood affect that even oak struggles to compete with. While look is no the be all and end all of choice … [Read more...]

The Chest of Drawers Alternative

If you went on to the street and asked 100 people if they own a chest of drawers I am guessing all 100 would say yes. We all have underwear, socks and all manor of other items and a chest of drawers is where we keep them. I have several pairs of jogging bottoms that I put in my drawers. The thing is though you do not need to own a chest of drawers at all. In fact for those with limited space it may actually be a good idea to do away with it altogether. There is a chest of drawers … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Sets

When looking to re-furnish your bedroom a great place to start is with a bedroom set. It is not only a great way to see all the options open to you but it is the best way to save money - but where do you start? This guide will run you through everything from what a bedroom set is, the benefits of them, what to consider when buying one and we even have a number of the best sets available below. What is a bedroom set? A bedroom set is a number of items of bedroom furniture that you can order and … [Read more...]

Seconique Corona 4 Door Wardrobe

Quad wardrobes are massive and as with many things as the size increase so does the cost. That is where the Seconique Corona 4 Door Wardrobe comes in. Made of a good quality pine wood this wardrobe is actually surprisingly affordable. If comes in at half the price of other deluxe models but still offers plenty of storage and all while looking great. Anyone looking to buy such a large wardrobe obviously has a high need for storage. This wardrobe doesn’t just offer lots of storage but offers … [Read more...]

Berrington Pine Triple Wardrobe

One of the most stunning of all the wardrobes we review is the Berrington Pine Triple Wardrobe which is as you can see is a beautiful wardrobe with the storage you need and the looks you want. It is made of solid pine wood throughout and offers hanging rail storage with drawers beneath. While this wardrobe is perfect for any bedroom that it fits into it is really designed for the master bedroom. Its hanging rail section is tall enough for all of your best shirts, suits and dresses while the … [Read more...]

Oakley Pine Triple Wardrobe

For those looking for a spacious wardrobe for their master bedroom there is the Oakley Pine Triple. This beautiful three door wardrobe offers both strength and a high level of storage to go with its warm looks. Although it can be used in any room due to its size the master bedroom is most appropriate. Made from solid pine this wardrobe has the looks to fit into any bedroom and not seem out of place. As pine wardrobes go this is right up there. Even the door knobs are pine. With dimensions … [Read more...]

Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe

The Oakley Pine Gents Double is a perfect combination of solidity and simplicity. Made of solid pine this two door wardrobe offers hanging rail space behind both doors as well as two single drawers and a double drawer in the base. The key benefit with this pine wardrobe is that it can be used in almost any bedroom from the guest room, the child's bedroom or even the master. It has a height of 185 cm, a width of 95 cm and  depth of 57 cm and a weight of 71 kgs. It is small enough to fit into … [Read more...]