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Romney Gents WardrobeLooking to buy a brand new quality wardrobe then you have come to the right place. Here at The World of Wardrobes we review and recommend for sale the finest wardrobes available for sale in the UK today. Having the right furniture is vital to running a tidy efficient and healthy home and this all begin with the wardrobe. It is for that reason that we find the best around and allow you to read the pros and cons of each one and then buy it if you choose from our highly recommended merchant.

So how exactly does this site work?
Below is a brief description of each of the main categories we have on the site. The site is designed to allow you to easily find the wardrobe of your choice. Don’t worry if you are looking for matching bedroom furniture as each wardrobe comes with everything from chest of drawers to dressing tables to beds and bedside tables. All are available from our recommended merchant and all are delivered to the mainland UK free of charge.

Simply find the bedroom wardrobe you like and click on the name for further information and to have the chance to view the other items in the range. You can then buy any that take your fancy. Alternatively click on the see all wardrobes link at the top of the page.

Cheap Wardrobes
In our modern world there is a need for cheap and affordable bedroom wardrobes more than ever. It needs to be pointed out though that cheap does not have to mean of poorer quality. Many cheap wardrobes are simply flat packed meaning you need to build it rather than the manufacture. The parts are much the same as pre-built models but the manufacturers cost saving is past on to the customer making them more affordable.

Pine Wardrobes
There is a battle going on between the different types of wood. Pine wardrobes though remain a popular choice. They come in pretty much every design from single full hanging ro triple with drawers and shelves. They look great and because of the quality of the pine they are really built to last. They are a first class choice.

Oak Wardrobes
A great alternative to pine is an Oak Wardrobe. They too are very strong and good looking and are just as good as pine in many ways. To make your choice just as hard they too come in a number of sizes and designs so it really boils down to your personal preference. Remember though that no wood is stronger than good old oak.

Single Wardrobes
The narrow one door wardrobe is less common and has the smallest volume of any wardrobe but can still prove to be very useful. The single wardrobe can prove to be ideal when space is limited but you still need to increase your storage. It can fit into gaps that double and triple units couldn’t dream of. It is for that reason that there are still designs out there. We are proud to recommend them.

Double Wardrobes
The two door wardrobe is probably the most common of all bedroom wardrobes. It is the one most people have and most people think of if asked to imagine one. They can come in any type of wood, with all sorts of designs and finishes. They also come with the largest range of price tag making them a very popular choice no matter which room you are looking to furnish.

Triple Wardrobes
The king of all wardrobes has to be the triple wardrobe. It is the largest of them all and can include anything from hanging rails, shelves, drawers and even mirrors. In some cases it can include them all. They are tall, wide and usually quite heavy making them ideal for long term storage needs for everyone from the single man to the married couple.

Painted Wardrobes
The painted wardrobe gives you a chance to get a oak or pine unit without it having the wood effect. Many people prefer to have a unit that is painted crème because it gives a quaint look that many love in their bedroom.

White Wardrobes
For many there is nothing better than a white wardrobe. Unlike any other wardrobe the white painted unit gives a fresh clean look that none of the others can compete with. They come in just as many sizes and designs but they have the advantage of being able to be mixed between ranges without looking hugely out of place. White furniture is hugely popular with many and for that reason we highly recommend it.

Wardrobes with Drawers
Bedroom wardrobes that come with additional drawers are the latest in the evolution of the wardrobe. They are usually found with drawers in the base below the main hanging rail section. They are usually taller than full hanging units as they need to include more. This can prove to be a very efficient way of storing more items of clothing while using up no more floor space. Wardrobes with drawers prove to be great value for money.

Why are freestanding wardrobes important?
There has been a trend over recent years to move towards walk in or built in wardrobes. While these can do a job there is nothing quite like having a quality freestanding wooden wardrobe that can be moved as you see fit whether that is from room to room or from house to house. As our needs change so can our furniture so if you suddenly need more storage or even if you need less with a freestanding unit it can be done easily unlike with the built in alternative.

Why use The World of Wardrobes?
We live in a fast paced world where time and in many cases money is limited. It has become more important than ever to be as efficient with both as is possible. It is because of this that the internet plays such an important part in our modern lives. Whether you are keeping in touch with friends or shopping around being online has never been more important.

The benefits with looking for wardrobes for sale online are that you can look through so many places without leaving your home. In years gone by the only place to go was your local furniture store which may have had a dozen different models. Now shopping online can give you access to hundreds all in different types of wood, different sizes and all too numerous designs.

At The World of Wardrobes we review the best units around and let you click through to a trusted merchant who is one of the biggest in the industry. You can then check out your choice in a lot more detail and even buy matching furniture to go with it. What is even better than that is delivery is free.

Different Designs

Full hanging wardrobes
The traditional wardrobe is a full hanging unit meaning there is the hanging rail and nothing else. It is great for all of your long clothes such as coats and dresses. They are however limited in numbers because many of today’s clothes do not need that amount of space. Many designs can actually give you more storage within the same sized wardrobe.

Wardrobes with Drawers
One way the designers have increased storage is to add drawer in the base. See our page on wardrobes with extra drawers. There are some fantastic designs. They use the same amount of floor space but are often a little taller to accommodate the drawers. It can in some cases remove the need for a separate set of drawers which can save space if your bedroom is small.

Wardrobes with Shelves
Another great way to increase storage and also give a choice of the type of storage is with the use of shelves. This can come as a shelf above the hanging rail as with many two door wardrobes or a set of shelves behind one of the doors of a three door wardrobe. Both give you a choice and for that reason they are seen as a great alternative to full hanging units.

Wardrobes with Mirrors
Some of the wardrobes available will also come with mirrors. In honest there are not a large number as many people will have mirrors in other areas of their home but they can add that little extra something that some like.

Wardrobes with Mirrors, Shelves and Drawers
For those who want it all there are even designs that include everything you could think of. Usually triple wardrobes these kings of the bedroom have the expected hanging rail behind two of the doors, shelves behind the third and drawers at the bottom. Close all the doors and you will notice the mirror on the front usually on the middle door. What more could you want from a bedroom wardrobe?