Best 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers

Oakley Pine Slim Jim 5 Drawer ChestNo item of bedroom furniture quite says variety like the 5 drawer chest of drawers. There are so many different styles, designs and materials used I felt that it deserved an article of its own – so here it is.

Five drawer chests are fantastic for any bedroom buy knowing what to get can be a challenge. Hopefully choosing the right one will be a little easier after reading this post. For anyone looking to buy the choices can seem overwhelming so here I aim to show you what is available and how each design and style can be used.

Designs of 5 Drawer Chests

There are three main designs of chest that should be considered first before anything else. Each design offers you something a little different and should be used in different situations.

  • 2 over 3
  • Tallboy
  • Standard

2 over 3

The 2 over 3 chest of drawers is slowly taking over. Go back in time the normal design was a chest with 3 or 4 drawers all of the same width. These days the top 2 drawers are narrow and next to each other. There are then 3 wider drawers beneath them. The 2 over 3 design offers you the chance to organise your clothes effectively. You can for example split sweat socks from dress socks or perhaps have a separate drawer for underwear. The choice is yours.


Tallboy chest of drawers are ideal for squeezing storage into tight gaps. They are narrow chests that are usually taller allowing them to offer just as much storage just in a more useful shape. If you need to increase your storage but only have a tight gap or need to get as much storage as possible from a small bedroom then a tallboy is the best way to go.


While I call it standard it is actually more like an old fashioned design. As mentioned above there was once a time when all drawer chests had drawers of the same width. That is not so much the case these days – this old fashioned design is what I refer to as standard.

2 over 3

Chantilly White 2 over 3 Drawer Chest

Chantilly White 2 Over 3 Chest of DrawersThe Chantilly White 2 over 3 Drawer Chest is the first pick because it is perfect for those who love white furniture. It comes with the clean fresh stylish look that Chantilly White furniture offers as well as a good level of storage. The chest has the two small drawers over top of three wider ones allowing you to organise your clothes effectively. It is 98 cm in height, 93 cm in width and 42 cm in depth with a total weight of 40.5 kg’s. It is delivered fully assembled as are all the chest of drawers mentioned here.

Chester Grey 2 over 3 Chest of Drawers

Chester Grey 2 Over 3 Chest of DrawersA lovely alternative to the Chantilly chest is the Chester Grey 2 over 3 Chest. This comes with a smart grey effect that will improve the look of any bedroom. Be sure to check out the Chester Grey Quad Wardrobe – its awesome.

This chest uses small metallic knobs to open the drawers which all come with solid bases. It is 98 cm in height, 93 cm in width and 42 cm in depth making it exactly the same size as the Chantilly mentioned above. It is however only 35 kg’s in weight.

Appleby Oak 2 Over 3 Chest of Drawers

Appleby Oak 2 over 3 Drawer ChestFor those who are not fans of white or painted furniture you could try good old solid oak. This is the Appleby Oak 2 over 3 Chest of Drawers which as you can see offers the warm homely look that comes with oak wood. In fact it is oak throughout including the solid drawer bases and drawer knobs. It is 93 cm in height, 87 cm in width, 43 cm in depth and is 40 kg’s in weight. This drawer chest offers you a great alternative to the Chantilly White and Chester Grey above.


Chantilly White 5 Drawer Tall Chest

Chantilly White 5 Drawer ChestWithin the tallboy category there are a number of chests with different styles. This is the Chantilly White 5 Drawer chest which offers a fresh clean white look that will add more than storage to your bedroom. It is part of the much wider Chantilly White range that includes a large number of different sized wardrobes. It has 2 drawers at the top which are slightly smaller than the three at the bottom. In truth I have no idea why. It is 103 cm in height, 57 cm in width and 42 cm deep with a total empty weight of 28 kg’s. Be sure to check out the other chests from the Chantilly White collection.

Chester Grey 5 Drawer Chest


Oakley Pine Slim Jim 5 Drawer Chest


Appleby Oak 5 Drawer Narrow Chest


Camille Limewash Oak Tall 5 Drawer Chest

The only standard design chest of drawers in our list the Camille Limewash Oak Tall 5 Drawer Chest is still a top notch chest. By standard we mean that it is too wide to be a tallboy chest and comes with a set of drawers all the same width. In fact this chest comes with 5 wide drawers offering an abundance of storage.  

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