Burford Painted Furniture Collection

Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe with DrawersOne of the finest furniture collections available today has to be the Burford Painted Furniture collection. With its fresh clean white looks and its solid wood construction it is right up there with the best.  The Burford Collection offers you real quality no matter what item you are looking for. Within this post I want to look at the reasons for buying from the Burford Painted Collection as well as a closer look at some of the items.

What the Burford Painted Collection Offers


The looks are one of the finer parts of this collection. If you look at the quad wardrobe below you will understand what I mean. The wood is clean and fresh and will brighten any bedroom up. It is one of the best white furniture sets out there.


One of the best things about this collection is the size. There are 47 items available from The Cotswold Company at the time of writing. In fact there are 7 different wardrobes. You can see more on them below.

Strength & Longevity

Although some of the larger items come part assembled the collection does offer real strength. The wardrobes for example do require assembly but a few large bolts later the wardrobe will be solid enough to keep all of your clothes safe for years to come. Please check each items as some smaller items will come fully assembled.

Value for Money

With anything made of solid wood the quality is going to be higher. When it is the strength and longevity are obviously better. When any item of furniture lasts for years its value for money improves. Even ig you paid £1000 for a wardrobe (which may seem quite expensive) if it lasts for 20 years it will be great value for money. You just need to look at it in the long term. The Burford Painted Collection is excellent value for money.

Bedroom Furniture


Burford Painted Single Wardrobe

Burford Painted Single WardrobeThe smallest of all the wardrobes if the Burford Painted Single Wardrobe. It is a narrow unit that offers you the chance to place storage in gaps other wardrobes cant fill. Alternatively it is ideal for a guest bedroom where storage needs are low. The design allows you to have it as a full hanging wardrobe or alternatively as a wardrobe with internal shelves. The choice is yours. The dimensions are 182 cm tall, 56 cm wide and 56 cm deep. It weighs 49 kg’s.

Burford Painted Combination Wardrobe

Burford Painted Combination WardrobeOne of the best designs of wardrobe is this the Burford Painted Combination Wardrobe. Although low level its design is extremely useful. Inside you can either use it to hang up short clothes like shirts and trousers or add shelves and use it more like an opening bookcase. The choice is yours. It is 120 cm in height, 100 cm in width and 52 cm in depth with a total weight of 65 kg’s. 

Burford Painted Double Wardrobe with Drawer

Burford Painted Double Wardrobe with DrawerThe first of the two full sized doubles is the Burford Painted Double with Drawer. This wardrobe is exactly what it says – a two door wardrobe with an drawer in the base. Above the base is the traditional hanging rail. For a full hanging double please see the ladies model below. This unit is 201 cm in height, 113 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. It weighs 88.50 kg’s

Burford Painted Ladies Double Wardrobe

Burford Painted Ladies DoubleThere is one main difference between the double wardrobe mentioned above and the Burford Painted Ladies Wardrobe – the drawer. The ladies model does not have one which results in the unit being slightly smaller. It is 182 cm in height, 100.5 cm in width and 50 cm in depth with a total weight of 64 kg’s. If you like this wardrobe but require drawer storage see the chest of drawers section below. 

Burford Painted Full Hanging Triple Wardrobe

Burford Painted Full Hanging Triple WardrobeThe Burford Painted Full Hanging Triple is the first of two three door wardrobes. This wardrobe is full hanging meaning there are no additional drawers. It can be set up to have hanging rails behind all three doors or alternatively it can have shelving behind the right hand door. This triple is 182 cm in height, 150 cm in width and 50 cm in depth. It weighs 96.5 kg’s and like all the wardrobes in the Burford Painted Collection it is delivered part assembled. 

Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe

Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe with DrawersThe Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe is the larger of the two triples due to the additional drawers in the base. It offers hanging rail storage, shelf storage and drawer storage making it a great option for many master bedrooms. If this still isn’t enough check out the four door option below. This wardrobe is 202 cm in height, 163 cm in width and 57 cm in depth with a total weight of 140.5 kg’s. 

Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe

Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe with DrawersThe Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe is a real monster of a wardrobe. It comes with four doors behind which is a long hanging rail for all your finest clothes. Below the hanging rail section are two wide drawers offering you even more storage. There is of course also the base and top of the unit if your storage demands are really that high. The unit is 201 cm in height, 214.5 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. It weighs 155.5 kg’s.

See more on the Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe.

Chest of Drawers

There are no fewer than seven different chest of drawers as part of the Burford Painted Collection (although one is actually a wide bedside table) . Here I want to look at three of the best.

Burford Painted Tall 6 Drawer Chest

The first chest of drawers is the Burford Painted Tall 6 Drawer Chest which is basically a tall boy chest. It is both tall and narrow and is perfect for fitting into those left over gaps in the bedroom that other wardrobes and drawer chests cannot fit into. In fact it can significantly increase storage. It is 109 cm in height, 51 cm in width and 30 cm in depth with a total weight (when empty) of just 26 kg’s. 

Burford Painted 2 over 3 Chest of Drawers

The next chest is more of a standard size and design. It is the Burford Painted 2 over 3 chest which as you can tell has two narrow drawers over top of three wide ones. It is an ideal chest for almost any bedroom offering a decent level of drawer storage. This design is perfect for going with a wardrobe with drawers. It is 96.5 cm in height, 90 cm in width and 42.5 cm in depth. It weighs 45 kg’s.

Please Note: There is a petite version and a extra large version of the 2 over 3 chest. If this is what you need but not quite the right size check them out.

Burford Painted 3 over 4 Chest of Drawers

The largest of all the chest of drawers in the Burford Collection is the 3 over 4 design. This is a wide unit with three drawers at the top and four below in a two by two formation. It offers a high level of drawer storage and is particularly good if you are looking into getting a full hanging wardrobe (no drawers). You will require a larger bedroom of course. It is 77.5 cm in height, 149 cm in width and 42.5 cm in depth with a total weight of 55 kg’s. 


The Burford Painted Collection comes with three beds of differing sizes. First there is the single bed which is 3 ft wide, then the double which is 4 ft 6 inches wide and finally the king sized bed which is 5 ft wide. All the beds are made from solid white wood with a slates at both ends of the bed.

Bedside Tables

There are two types of bedside table available in this collection. There is the Buford Painted 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet and the Buford Painted 3 Drawer Wide Bedside Chest. Both obviously have 3 drawers but one is a lot wider. This is ideal if you have a larger bedroom and plenty of space. You can also buy the wider chest in a set of two which allows will save you money. The narrow cabinet is also available as part of a set with a double wardrobe with drawers and a 2 over 3 chest of drawers.


Dressing Table & Stools


Living & Dining Rooms

Display Cabinet



Burford Painted Grand Bookcase

Burford Painted Grand BookcaseOne of the finest items of the Burford Painted Collection has to be the Grand Bookcase. As you can see this is one of the largest bookcases you will find offering you all the space you need for all those books you might one day read. It is also ideal for any precious ornaments you may have picked up on your travels. Made from solid wood it offers four shelves in three different sections as well as three drawers in the base. It is 202 cm tall, 180 cm wide and 35 cm deep with a total empty weight of 169 kg’s. For more click the link below. 

Television Stands





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