Oakland Wide 10 Drawer Chest

So you have a bedroom filled with oak furniture but your chest of drawers just isn’t big enough – what do you do? Well you could look into getting a bigger chest of drawers. If that seems like a good idea then a great option is the Oakland Wide 10 Drawer Chest. It offers everything you could want from the strength and look of oak with the storage capacity of a chest with 10 drawers. The key thing is do you have the space because this chest is not small.

Looks and Design

There is something special about the look of oak. You can almost see it strength just by looking at it. This chest is pre-assembled so you can have confidence that it will last. This is unlike those flat packed jobbies that have a thin drawer base that bends out of shape the moment you put more than a pair of socks in it. This chest has solid bases in all the drawers and even more solid wood to hold them.

The design itself is an extra. It offers you four narrower drawers across the top which are perfect for sorting your underwear or socks. Perhaps dress socks go in one drawer while sweat socks go in another. It is totally up to you but the option is there. Under that are four wider drawers in a two over two formation. These are ideal for anything from jobbing bottoms to towels for those who lack a boiler cupboard.


This chest obvious comes with 10 (ten) drawers. It is right there in the name. Any chest with that many drawers is going to take up a little more space than a normal chest. It is the price you pay. The only real compromise. You can have a tallboy chest that is really high but they are usually narrow. This particular chest is only 110 cm in height which is a decent height. It is 170 cm wide and 42 cm in depth. It is ideal for those with a bedroom as large as their storage needs. Just for the record it is 58.5 kg’s in height and is delivered fully assembled.

The Oakland Collection

The Oakland collection is an extensive range of solid oak furniture that includes over 100 items. There are a number of wardrobes that would go perfectly with this chest. The only downside I can find is that all the wardrobes come with drawers in the base. This is ideal if you were buying a smaller chest such as the Oakland 2 over 3 Chest which is not as wide and offers only 5 drawers. Saying that if you really have a high need for drawers getting one of the wardrobes with this chest should satisfy that need.

There are a number of wardrobes in this collection. They go from the single with one drawer through the double and triple right through to the quad wardrobe with three drawers. Of course you would need a monstrous bedroom to have this 10 drawer chest with a quad wardrobe. We recommend you check out the full Oakland Collection before doing anything else. If you want high quality solid oak furniture then you cannot get better which is why we are reviewing this chest.



What Next?

If you like this chest and would like to know more or alternatively if you want to see other options we recommend you visit The Cotswold Company. They offer an extensive range of drawer chests in so many different sizes, styles and designs. For more check out out Chest of Drawers Buyer Guide.

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