Burford Painted Wardrobes

Burford Painted WardrobesOne of the most popular bedroom collections is the Burford Painted. For those who love white furniture it is a must see. The Burford Painted collection comes with a number of items for the bedroom with no fewer than seven different designs to choose from. The question is which one do you choose? Well that is what this post is all about. Below we look at each one separately and go through the pros and cons of each one including the best ones to buy in a variety of situations. We even recommend the best place to buy. If you are looking for a beautiful white effect wardrobe (and matching furniture) then read on.

The Burford Painted Collection

Before looking at each individual wardrobe it makes sense to look at the collection overall. While each item may have a very unique size and design the overall collection offers plenty. Below we look at the top four benefits of the Burford Painted Collection.


The looks are one of the finer parts of this collection. If you look at the quad wardrobe below you will understand what I mean. The wood is clean and fresh and will brighten any bedroom up. It is one of the best white furniture sets out there.


One of the best things about this collection is the size. There are 47 items available from The Cotswold Company at the time of writing. In fact there are 7 different wardrobes. You can see more on them below.

Strength & Longevity

Although some of the larger items come part assembled the collection does offer real strength. The wardrobes for example do require assembly but a few large bolts later the wardrobe will be solid enough to keep all of your clothes safe for years to come. Please check each items as some smaller items will come fully assembled.

Value for Money

With anything made of solid wood the quality is going to be higher. When it is the strength and longevity are obviously better. When any item of furniture lasts for years its value for money improves. Even if you paid £1000 for a wardrobe (which may seem quite expensive) if it lasts for 20 years it will be great value for money. You just need to look at it in the long term. The Burford Painted Collection is excellent value for money.


Burford Painted Wardrobe – The Choices

  1. Single Wardrobe
  2. Combination Wardrobe
  3. Double Wardrobe with Drawer
  4. Ladies Double Wardrobe
  5. Full Hanging Triple Wardrobe
  6. Triple Wardrobe
  7. Quad Wardrobe

Burford Painted Wardrobes – Comparison Table

Wardrobe Drawers Shelves Height Width Depth Assembly
Single No Yes 182 cm 56 cm 56 cm Part
Combination No Yes 120 cm 100 cm 52 cm Part
Double with Drawers Yes No 201 cm 113 cm 57 cm Part
Ladies Double No No 182 cm 100.5 cm 50 cm Part
Full Hanging Triple No Yes 182 cm 150 cm 50 cm Part
Triple Yes Yes 202 cm 163 cm 57 cm Part
Quad Yes No 201 cm 214.5 cm 57 cm Part

Burford Painted Single Wardrobe

Burford Painted Single WardrobeThe smallest in terms of width is the single wardrobe. Ideal for slotting into those narrow gaps left by other furniture they can add that little bit extra to your storage capacity. The single wardrobe is 56 cm in width and depth but can still offer enough storage for your finest work shirts.

What makes this particular wardrobe great other than its ability to fit in where other large wardrobes cannot is its flexibility. You can have this has a full hanging wardrobe or turn it into a set of shelves. This is particularly good if you are looking for a child’s wardrobe. You can then have a little of both particularly because the clothes are small.




Burford Painted Combination Wardrobe

Burford Painted Double Wardrobe with Drawer

Burford Painted Double WardrobeThis is our favourite out of all the wardrobes in the Burford Collection. It isn’t the largest, it isn’t the cheapest but it is the wardrobe size and design that is the best fit for most people. Two door wardrobes are the most commonly purchased wardrobe. That is because the offer the level of storage most people need. Add into that an extra draw at the bottom and what more could you want? Oh year a drawer chest would be nice right?

There are a number of different drawer chests within this collection. The choice of which one is down to you. The great thing to know is because this wardrobe is not over the top massive you can choose whichever one fits into your room and budget. You can for example choose the Petite 2 over 3 if your room is small or your needs are low. Or if you room and needs are high you can choose the wide 3 over 4 chest. The result of such a nicely sized and designed wardrobe is it opens the door to choose the accompanying furniture of your choice.

Burford Painted Ladies Double Wardrobe


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Burford Painted Full Hanging Triple Wardrobe

Burford Painted Full Hanging Triple WardrobeThe first of two triple wardrobes is the Burford Painted Full Hanging Triple Wardrobe which offers you hanging rail space with the option of drawers. The main difference between this and the standard triple are the drawers. If you want a unit that can look after longer items of clothes such as dresses then this is the one to choose.

It is 182 cm in height, 150 cm in width and 50 cm in depth and offers you the option of three doors worth of hanging rail. The third drawer (located to the right of the picture) offers adjustable shelves if that better meets your storage needs. It is part assembles as are all the wardrobes and comes with all the wonderful looks you expect from the Burford Painted Collection.

Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe

This is a fantastic example of a painted triple wardrobe.

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Burford Painted Four Door Wardrobe

Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe - Inside ViewThis is the Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe – It is a beautiful four drawer wardrobe big enough for all your storage needs. Perfect for the master bedroom this massive wardrobe offers you a substantial amount of hanging rail storage as well as two well sized drawers in the base.

What the Burford Quad Offers

All wardrobes offer something. It could be a single wardrobe that offers that little extra storage in the gap by the door. It could be a wardrobe with drawers in the base that offers a higher volume of storage per square inch of floor space taken. This wardrobe offers the following:

Great Looks

When you are looking to buy furniture for your master bedroom looks are always vital. This beautifully painted wardrobe offers a fresh clean look that will look good no matter how the room is decorated. As white wardrobes go this has got to be up there with the very best.

Strength and Stability

Made of solid wood this wardrobe is made to last. Its weight of 155.5 kg’s goes to show just how solid the wood is. It is delivered in sections with the final assembly being done in the room of choice. This is partly down to the weight of the wardrobe and partly down to the size. It is hard if not impossible to carry a four door wardrobe through the front door up the stairs round the corner and into the master bedroom.

A Good Investment

When you initially look at the price which is £1199 (at time of writing). That is a lot for a wardrobe but when you break it down it’s actually a really good investment. This wardrobe is going to last you at least a decade. In fact looking at how my Langley Double has lasted me (over 5 years) it is not beyond the realms of possibility that you can get 20 years out of it. If you do it works out at only £60 a year or £5 a month. That’s great value.

This wardrobe is available from The Cotswold Company which offers finance options on many of its items. The Burford Quad is available from just £30.12 over 4 years. A true bargain for those who cannot pay up front.

Huge Storage Levels

Now for the storage. Its the reason you actually buy a wardrobe after all. This unit comes with four doors in total – two sets of two. Both open up onto hanging rail so no matter how many shirts, suits and dresses you have there is enough space. Below the hanging rails are two decent sized drawers with solid wood bases. These are perfect for those with blankets, towels or any other folded storage needs.

Assembly Option

Last but not least if you do wish to buy this wardrobe from The Cotswold Company you can for an extra £15 get it built for you. This is one of a number of options including a number of quite specific delivery slots including Saturday and Evening deliveries. You can even get the packaging removed for just £5. Check out our article on The Cotswold Company for more details. With all these amazing benefits who wouldn’t want to own the Burford Painted Four Door Wardrobe.

The Burford Collection

Be sure to check out the rest of the Burford Painted Collection. It includes a number of other options for your bedroom including a single, combination, full hanging double, double with drawers and triple wardrobes. Not only that but it also offers other items for the bedroom including a number of chest of drawers (my favourite is the tallboy) beds and bedside tables.


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