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We all love our homes and for many that means buying the very best furniture. Having quality furniture can really make a difference to your home. For some however the price is the most important factor. They just don’t have the funds to spend on a solid wood furniture or they don’t want to. Whatever your reason for doing so if you want more affordable furniture then this page is for you. Lets look at cheap wardrobes.

What is a cheap wardrobe?

The question of what exactly is a cheap wardrobe is a good one. It is one I gave a lot of thought to before writing. The most obvious solution is to cap the price but all wardrobes are different. The price of a cheap single wardrobe is not going to be the same as a cheap 4 door wardrobe for example. So for the purposes of this article I define ‘cheap’ as follows.

  • Single Door Wardrobe – £100
  • Double Door Wardrobe – £200
  • Triple Door Wardrobe – £300
  • Quad Door Wardrobe – £400

How are they cheaper than other wardrobes?

There are two main reasons why cheaper wardrobes are lower in price. Firstly they are not made from solid wood like more expensive furniture. They are made from MDF (medium density fibreboard). The wood is broken down and then glued to form the MDF board. You will find all lower priced furniture is made from it not just wardrobes.

Another factor that makes them more affordable is that they are flat packed. This simply means they come in a box or boxes. You will need to build the wardrobe from wooden panels and a small bag of nuts, bolts and a good old Allen key. Instructions are provided but it does take time. Every minute that you spend building is a minute that the manufacturers didn’t need to spend assembling it. That means less manufacturing costs and a lower price for you.

Benefits of Cheaper Wardrobes

There are three main benefit in buying cheaper wardrobes – They are cheaper (obviously), there is a wide choice of designs and they are easy to deliver.


The first and most obvious benefit of cheap wardrobes is their price. This is an obvious benefit but a benefit none the less. It allows people to own a wardrobe who simply do not have a lot of money. Price is always a consideration no matter what you are buying.


There are a good number of different materials, sizes and designs of wardrobe around these days. This is particularly the case when talking about the lower end of the price range. Part of this is simply down to demand but it has to be said that factories making wardrobes by the thousand all done with computer run machines has played its role.

Easy to Deliver

Boxes are far easier to load onto a delivery truck and more space efficient (think Tetris with boxes). This means that a delivery company can be more efficient and efficiency means saving money. This keeps the price down for the consumer.

Where to Buy Cheap Wardrobes?

There are a number of top retailers who stock some find wardrobes. Some of these can even top a grand – think quad wardrobes. This is no good for those on a tight budget. With experience in the world of wardrobes we know exactly where to go for cheaper wardrobe designs – Dunelm

Dunelm stock a fantastic range of wardrobes from narrow single door wardrobes right through to triples that stretch the width of your bedroom. They offer free delivery on any order over £49. We recommend you check them out in detail.

Best Cheap Wardrobes (all under £250)

All single pine wardrobes are useful for filling tight gaps but this one can fill even the tiniest of tiny gap – its width is just 60 cm. Made of solid pine it requires assembly but is a cheap one door wardrobe in comparison to the others shown here. There is a trade off when buying cheap wardrobes. Yes they are cheap but the quality may not be as high as a £1000 wardrobe. You will probably have to build it yourself too.

Some of the cheapest and most affordable wardrobe come from Dunelm. There are some excellent examples below.

Top 5 Affordable Wardrobes

Euston 2 Drawer Single Wardrobe

Corona 1 Door Wardrobe

Panama 2 Door Wardrobe

Saville 2 Door 1 Drawer Grey Wardrobe

Nevada 3 Door 2 Drawer Grey Mirrored Wardrobe


Holborn 4 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe

Moving into the 4 door category we have the Holborn 4 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe. This is a fantastically priced 4 door, 4 drawer wardrobe that will cost you £339 from Dunelm. For a quad wardrobe this is amazingly priced.

The wardrobe has 4 drawers in a 2 by 2 formation in the base with 4 doors above. Behind the four doors you will see that there is a hanging rail running the full width. Above that is a internal shelve that also runs the full width. With hanging rails, drawers and shelves this wardrobe offers you all you need and all at a very competitively low price.


  • Brand: Harmony
  • Type: Cheap 4 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Width: 160 cm
  • Depth: 52 cm
  • Drawers: 4
  • Assembly: Flat Packed



What Next?

If you would like to buy any of these wardrobes or wish to look at more affordable wardrobes please click on the links  above to visit the best stores. We also recommend you check out out posts on building flat packed wardrobes and the benefits of part assembled wardrobes.

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