Chest of Drawers Buyer Guide

Oakley Pine Chest of DrawersThere is more than just a wardrobe to be considered when looking to furnish your bedroom. There is for example the chest of drawers. A wardrobe and chest of drawers go together like Batman and Robin. It is for that reason that we have put together this guide to chest of drawers. Within this guide we cover everything from the different construction materials, the best places to buy them and a look at the many different designs that are available.

Chest of Drawers Considerations

There are a few things to consider if you are looking to buy a chest of drawers. Below are some of the most important. Please note that we do not recommend flat packed chest of drawers. While wardrobes may need some assembly due to their size and weight a decent drawer chest should be delivered fully assembled.

Chest of Drawers Material

There are several different materials that a decent chest of drawers will be made of and no none are MDF.


Probably the strongest wood in the UK oak is well known for being strong. It is a hard wood that will produce a unit that will take anything you throw at it for many years to come. Oak chest of drawers are usually the most expensive type.


For those looking for something that is still solid but is a little more affordable should look towards pine wood. Pine is a fair bit cheaper than oak because it grows quicker and is not as strong. It is however still strong enough to build a chest of drawers with.


For those who are not interested in a wood effect chest should consider a painted chest. Much like painted wardrobes these offer a different look that appeals to many people. They can come in anything form pure white to grey and even blue. This allows you to create a bedroom style that is a bit different.

Chest of Drawers Size

There are three main types of drawers when you look at them from a size point of view – the tallboy, the standard and the wide chests. Below I look at each one in tern.

The Tallboy

The tallboy is the name given to chest of drawers that are both tall and narrow. They often appear to be smaller but because of their height often have as much storage as a standard. The main benefit to having a taller more narrow set of drawers is that they take up less floor space. To maximize storage in your bedroom combining a wardrobe with drawers in the base with a tallboy chest is optimum. This is because it is taking advantage of the vertical space in the bedroom.

The Standard

When we talk about a standard chest of drawers what we are typically talking about is a 3 or 4 drawer chest. They can either be where all the drawers are the same width or where you have a couple of narrow drawers at the top and wider ones below. These are often referred to as a 2 over 3 – meaning two narrow drawers over three wide. Check the chest of drawers below for more details.

The Wide

The tallboy mentioned above offers storage for those with not a lot of space. For those with plenty of space there are the wide chest of drawers which offer anywhere up to 10 drawers per chest. They can be as wide as a triple wardrobe but do offer a substantial amount of storage for those with the space. If you have plenty of space and clothes then this type of chest might be just for you. See below for some great examples.

Where to Buy Chest of Drawers (and why)

Go back far enough in time and every high street had a furniture store. That is not the case anymore as like everything else the internet has taken over. The best place to find chest of drawers for sale these days is online but that is actually a good thing. The range of different options is far greater these day mainly because you have access to so many more stores. Back in the day it was the one store on your high street. These days the company could be anywhere. So how do you decide where to buy chest of drawers?

There are a number of considerations to be made when buying furniture online. When I moved home a few years ago I had to make a number of decisions. I had moved from a one bedroom flat with a built in wardrobe to a two bedroom house. My wife and I were just starting a family and our needs for furniture was growing year on year. I found a company that provided awesome solid wood furniture that I knew would last for years.

I chose The Cotswold Company and I have never regretted it. There are a number of reasons why I chose them and why I am happy to recommend them. The top six are shown below.

  • Huge Range
  • Solid Wood
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fully Assembled
  • Great Delivery Options
  • Finance

Huge range

At the last time of looking The Cotswold Company boasted a range of around 100 chests. They cover all manor of sizes from the tallboys right through to the wide. There is no doubt something for everyone.

Competitive Prices

What you get is top quality units at a price that may seem large to begin with but when you work out the length of years it actually is great value. I cannot understand how good the units are.

Solid Wood

The units are all made from solid wood. There is none of that cheap flat packed rubbish where the drawers sag in less than a month. Even the drawers are solid wood which mean no matter what you put in them they stay as perfect as the say the unit is delivered.

Fully Assembled

Speaking of delivery many wardrobes that we recommend on here are delivered part assembled. This is due to size and weight. With a chest of drawers delivery is less of an issue. The result is that they are all delivered fully assembled. You simply unpack it and place it where you want it. The Cotswold Company even offer a service to take away the rubbish.

Great Delivery Options

I have bought things online from companies who deliver at some point on a given day. It is often when I am at work and I return to find a note telling me i is left with a neighbour. Of course the neighbour has since gone out. The Cotswold Company have a number of delivery options allowing to to narrow down when it will be delivered so you can ensure you are in. This includes the evening and Saturday morning.


If you are concerned about the price why not put it on finance and pay for it over 4 years. You would be amazed at how affordable they can be when you pay month by month.

Recommended Chest of Drawers

Below are a number of our recommended chest of drawers. They are split into three categories – oak, pine and painted. To see the full list of chests click here.

Oak Chest of Drawers

Milton Oak 2 Over 3 Chest of Drawers

Milton Oak 2 over 3 ChestOne of the most common chest of drawer designs is the 2 over 3 design. This is the Milton Oak 2 over 3 chest which as you can see is a wonderful chest demonstrating brilliantly the two small drawers above three wider drawers beneath. This allows you to perfectly organise your clothes. Socks in one small drawer, underwear in another and all your jogging bottoms and combat trousers in the drawers beneath that. All perfectly organised.

The Milton Oak weighs 38.65 kg’s and is delivered fully assembled. It has dimensions of 98 cm in height, 87 cm in width and 41 cm in depth. If you would like to know more click below.

Camille Limewash Oak Tall 5 Drawer Chest – COMING SOON!

Appleby Oak 9 Drawer Chest – COMING SOON!


Pine Chest of Drawers

Oakley Pine 4 Drawer Chest

Oakley Pine 4 Drawer ChestGo back far enough in time all drawers were like this. The Oakley Pine 4 Drawer Chest is a very simple 4 drawer chest where all four drawers are the same size. Made of solid pine including the drawer bases this is a lovely example of how good a pine chest can be – even the drawer knobs are pine. It is a decent size with a total width of 84.5 cm making it a great option for any bedroom.

The chest is delivered fully assembled and weighs 36 kg’s. It is 97.5 cm in height and 45 cm in depth as well as 84.5 cm wide. This really is an example of a decent chest of drawers. It is made to good standards, has a good level of storage and is a competitive price. What more do you want.

Oakley Pine Slim Jim 5 Drawer Chest

For some space is limited. If you find yourself in this situation a great option is to look into buying the Oakley Pine Slim Jim 5 Drawer Chest. This is a lovely looking chest but is far more than just looks. It offers you 5 drawers all stacked up on top of each other. It is perfect to fit into those tight little gaps not big enough for anything else.

Given 4.9 stars on The Cotswold Company this chest is a great addition because of its size. The dimensions are 106 cm in height, 54 cm in width and 40 cm in depth. It is 28 kg’s in weight and is delivered fully assembled. I would like to make a particular thing of mentioning that the bases to the drawers are solid pine. Like all the chests we recommend there is no thin plywood here. 

The Oakley Pine Collection is a lovely collection. This is just one of the items. They offer some really useful designs which you can see from this thin chest. Check the collection out before ordering so you can be sure to order the items that are perfect for your budget and storage needs.

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Oakley Pine 10 Drawer Double Chest

The wonderful Oakley Pine 10 Drawer Double Chest is perfect for those looking for a tall and wide chest made of solid pine. While it does take up more floor space than many chests it does offer an extremely high level of storage.

As well as the storage this chest offers the great looks and strength that you expect from pine wood. Pine also offers a more affordable price compared with oak.

The chest of drawers is 90.5 cm tall by 134 cm wide and 45 cm deep. The narrow drawers internal dimensions are 15 cm by 33 cm by 23.4 cm. The wide drawers internal dimensions are 15 cm by 33 cm by 52 cm. The chest weights 55 kg’s when empty.

Painted Chest of Drawers

Chester Grey 3 over 4 Chest of Drawers

Chester Grey 3 over 4 Chest of DrawersA great example of a 3 over 4 chest is this Chester Grey Chest. Often also called a double chest of drawers it has three drawers across the top with four below in a two by two formation. Wider than many other models this chest offers a very high level of storage from the seven different drawers. It is painted grey with a wood effect top giving a stunning look.

The dimensions are 76 cm tall by 140 cm wide and 42 cm deep. It is 52 kg’s and is delivered fully assembled. Much like the 2 over 3 design this design offers you the chance to really organise your clothes to maximum effect.

Chester Grey 3 over 4 Chest of Drawers

For those looking for a large chest with plenty of storage options then the 3 over 4 is always a good choice. This is the Chester Grey 3 over 4 Chest which is one of the finest on the market today. As you can see it is painted grey throughout with exception to the top which offers a lovely wood effect. The look is finished off with small metallic handles that make the drawers easy to open.

This unit offers three narrow drawers across the top with four wider drawers beneath. The four drawers come in a two by two formation. They combine to offer a choice of how to store each item of clothes. The solid wood bases will ensure they are kept safe for many years to come.

The Chester Grey 3 over 4 is delivered fully assembled. It is 76 cm in height, 140 cm in width and just 42 cm in depth. The depth ensures that it can offer a good level of storage without sticking to far into the room. It weighs 52 kg’s. Check out the rest of the Chester Grey Collection – there are a number of amazing items especially for the bedroom.

Burford Painted 3 Drawer Deep Chest

There are a lot of different designs these days as we hope these examples are showing you. For those who wants a standard 3 drawer chest the Burford Painted 3 Drawer Chest may be just what you want.

This chest of drawers is painted white with white knobs and a solid frame. It is delivered fully assembled and even comes with solid wood drawer bases. It has a protective coating that will help it last.

The dimensions are 85 cm in height, 100 cm in width and 43 cm in depth. It weights 42 kg’s and comes as part of a much wider Burford Painted Collection. This includes a number of wonderful wardrobes. They are well worth the look.

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What Next?

If you would like to see more details on these chests, wish to buy or want to see a larger catalogue of chest of drawers please visit our recommended retailer The Cotswold Company. We have used them to buy a couple of amazing four drawer pine chests which is why we recommend them.

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