Choosing Furniture for a Small Bedroom

Choosing the right furniture for a bedroom is a challenge at the best of times. Do you go for the oak or pine look, the clean white look or perhaps something more daring. Do you need a double wardrobe or something a bit bigger? And do you need lots of hanging rail storage or lots of drawers. There is a lot to consider. This is even more the case when your bedroom is small. In fact the smaller the bedroom the tougher the challenge. So in this article I want to focus on the question “How do you choose furniture for a small bedroom?”.

How to Choose Furniture for a Small Room: Top Tip

There are sure to be numerous tips on how to furnish a small bedroom but one tip kind of covers them all – think vertically.

What does that mean? Well think about it for a second. Your room is small say 10 feet by 10 feet. That is the size of the floor space and no matter what you do it isn’t going to get any bigger. If you cannot increase the floor space then perhaps you need to get taller furniture. That way you can increase storage in your room without using any more floor space. Lets call it the storage to floor space ratio.

If you break down this tip you will see that there are several items of furniture that you can get that can really save you space but taking advantage of the vertical. Below I want to look at each one individually.

Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe

Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe with Drawers, Shelves and MirrorThe first item I have picked is a triple wardrobe available from The Cotswold Company. It might seem strange to pick a 3 door wardrobe when talking about furniture for a small bedroom but bear with me.

The Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe comes with many benefits most noticeably 6 drawers in the base. These drawers make the hanging rail section a little shorter but most importantly the wardrobe a little taller. In fact this wardrobe is 210 cm in height (taller than most people). Just for the record it is also 200 cm wide and 58 cm deep. 

More than just the drawers this wardrobe also comes with the option of shelves behind the right hand door. This means you can in theory have a wardrobe with hanging rails, drawers and shelves and that is why I have chosen it. This wardrobe eliminates the need for a separate chest of drawers and that ultimately saves you space.

Note: This wardrobe also offers a mirror which is sure to help you get dressed in the morning. Why should a small bedroom stop you from looking good.

Burford Painted Tall 6 Drawer Chest

Burford Painted Tall 6 Drawer ChestEven after investing in a wardrobe with additional drawers you may find that you still don’t have enough drawer space. If that is the case then perhaps a tallboy chest could be the solution. Take for example the Burford Painted Tall 6 Drawer Chest as a great example. A Tallboy chest is a chest of drawers with a tall thin design. This allows it to store just as many clothes while taking up less floor space. It is perfect for a small bedroom.

The Burford Chest is great because it is only 51 cm wide and 30 cm deep while being 109 cm in height. It is one of a number of tallboys around. For more check out The Usefulness of Tallboy Chest of Drawers.



Malvern Mink Large Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

Malvern Mink Sliding Door WardrobeAnother great option when looking for furniture for a small bedroom is to look for sliding door wardrobes. A great example of this is the Malvern Mink Large Wardrobe with Sliding Doors. This wardrobe offers hanging rail storage and additional drawers all behind sliding doors. This means you can have less space in front of the wardrobe because you don’t need to open up hinged doors as with a standard unit.





Other Top Tips

Do you need a bedside table?

De-clutter your bedroom

Add Shelving


In Summary



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