Corner Desks Buyer Guide

While the desk may not be the first thing you think of when furnishing your house it can be a great addition. Whether you are looking to work from home or just want to give the kids somewhere to do their homework a desk is a wonderful addition to any home. There are many categories of desks to choose from – corner desks are the best.

Why Buy a Corner Desk?

There are many different desks out there. You can get single pedestal oak desks, double pedestal pine desks and of course corner desks. If made from solid wood these corner desks can prove to be extremely useful particularly when space is limited.

Corner desks do exactly what you would think. They fit into the corner of the room allowing you to place conventional furniture either side. The design is particularly useful for those placing a desk in their bedroom. You can for example have a wardrobe one side and a chest of drawers on the other. The desk maximizes space by leaving no gaps between furniture.

Who can use a Corner desk?

A corner desk is useful for anyone because it uses other wise wasted space in the corner of the room. Wardrobes and Chest of Drawers need space to open up so you must always leave a gap. The alternative is to place the desk in the corner with the other units either side.

A corner desk is particularly useful for anyone who doesn’t have a spare room to turn into a office. It could be the bedroom or perhaps the dining room. You could of course combine a guest bedroom with your office which would be a useful use of space. Of course even if you have a room just for your home office doesn’t mean you can’t have a corner desk particularly if the room is small.

Where to Buy Corner Desks

There are plenty of places online to buy corner desks but many of them are cheap flat packed jobs. To fully get the most out of your desk and to buy a quality product that will last you for years you need to buy solid wood from quality retailers. Below are my top recommendations.

The Cotswold Company

The Cotswold Company is a leading online retailer of top quality furniture. This includes items made of oak and pine, those painted white, grey and many other colour’s with some really useful designs. They have a useful range of desks all offering something a little different. This means no matter what your needs you are sure to find something that works for you. I for example use the Dorchester Pine Corner Desk. I simple love the look of pine. Below are some of the best corner desks sold by The Cotswold Company. To see them all click here.

The Cotswold Company Top 5 Corner Desks

Dorchester Pine Corner Computer Desk

Dorchester Pine Corner Computer DeskWhether you want somewhere to write your autobiography or to work from home you can do so in style with the Dorchester Pine Corner Computer Desk. This is my personal favourite because it combines the solid affordability of pine with the useful design that corner desks offer. It has it all.

Corner desks are ideal for making the most of the space other furniture can waste. Ideal for the bedroom or dining room this desk offers you all you could want or need. It has a double pedestal with with a drawer to the left with space below for your files. To the right are three drawers all made with solid pine wood. The drawer in the middle is for the keyboard although if you use a laptop it can be kept shut.

There is plenty of space for anything you could want from a laptop, desk tidy and even that executive toy you always wanted. The dimensions are 76 cm in height, 127 cm in width and 127 cm in depth. It weights 55 kg’s in weight and is delivered part assembled due to its size, weight and design. Please see pictures below for more detail especially the dimensions. 

Chalford Painted Corner Desk

Chalford Painted Corner DeskFor those not looking for anything too expensive or complicated there is the Chalford Painted Corner Desk. On its own it is quite simple as you can see from the picture. However this comes as part of a large collection of furniture that can be put together to superbly kit out your office. The complete office suite includes this corner desk as well as a filing cabinet, small bookcase, cupboards and bureau. You can even buy them in different combinations depending on what you need. This is just the corner part which for many is all they need. It is the perfect size to fit into those tight gaps other furniture leave behind. Whether you have a laptop, a tower or just want somewhere to journal this desk is the solution. It is 76 cm in height, 134.3 cm in width and 58 cm in depth with a weight of 27 kg’s.

Wiltshire Painted Corner Office Desk

Wiltshire Painted Corner Office DeskFor those who like a traditional corner desk with drawers but also like painted furniture check out the Wiltshire Painted Corner Office Desk. This comes with a keyboard drawer in the middle just in case you need it. It also has a drawer to the left with a section perfect for placing files or books. To the right is a set of drawers perfect for anything from stationery to spare paper. The worktop is large enough whether you want to put a laptop on or just use it for writing.

Made of solid wood throughout this desk has got some amazing reviews. The solid wood gives it a strength that will help this not only last but become a great investment. The painted looks then make it look nice which is secondary but still very important. Its dimensions are 76 cm in height, 127 cm in width and 127 cm in depth. It weighs 55 kgs and will require some minimal assembly due to its size, weight and design. 

Please Note: This desk is great for placing in the dining room. There are a number of matching items that would look great along side. These include book shelves, sideboards and dining tables. There are no items in this range for the bedroom. This means that if you want a desk for the bedroom that matches the other furniture you will need to locate a similar range.

Oakland Corner Computer Desk

Talking about quality computer desks wouldn’t be right without an oak model to consider. If you like oak then check out the Oakland Corner Computer Desk. This desk is made from oak and oak veneers to offer a truly top notch desk. While it is perfect for your home office you can even use it if you are set up in your bedroom. That is because the Oakland collection has a number of matching items for the bedroom including beds, bedside tables and even wardrobes. If you are limited for space setting up your office in your bedroom is easy with Oakland items.

The desk itself boasts double pedestals both of which include a top drawer and cupboard below. Behind both doors are internal shelves giving you flexibility on where to store things. There is a keyboard drawer in the middle although if you have a laptop it can be tucked away out of site. The top is all in one and made of solid oak. As you can see from the pictures and the video below it is made to an amazingly high standard.

The dimensions are 79 cm in height, 186 cm in width and 114 cm in depth. It weighs in at 70 kg’s and is delivered in two boxes and will require some minimal assembly. Like the other desks this is due to the size, weight and design.



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