Double Wardrobe Buyer Guide

Hamilton Pine Double WardrobeThe most common of all types of wardrobe is the good old double wardrobe. (A double wardrobe is simply the name given to a wardrobe with double doors) It doesn’t have the size of a triple of quad wardrobe and isn’t as cheap as a single wardrobe but what it does offers is the perfect balance of price and storage volume – it is the best of both worlds and is ideal for most peoples needs.

A double wardrobe is the wardrobe size that most bedrooms need. A child’s bedroom, a guest bedroom and most adults require a double. Get married and perhaps you will need something larger but a double wardrobe is fine for the majority which is why they are the most popular. There are however a number of different materials, finishes and designs so no matter what your needs there will be something ideal for you.

Different Designs of Double Wardrobes

There are a number of different designs available. Each one offers slightly different storage so it is important to know what you need before you begin. Below we look at the most common designs.

Full Hanging

GO back far enough in time and all wardrobes had nothing but a hanging rail section often behind one or two doors. These days the ‘full hanging’ wardrobe is less common but there are still a few around. They most definitely still have their place.

The full hanging double is perfect for those with long clothes like dresses. Where a wardrobe with drawers or shelves can have a smaller hanging section and full hanging has plenty of space.

With Drawers

One of the more modern designs is the wardrobe with drawers in the base. This can be one a single drawer or a few depending on the furniture collection.

The great benefit of a wardrobe with drawers is that it takes advantage of the vertical. They are typically taller because there is more to pack in but it means it offers more storage for the same floor space. In some cases it can do away with a need for a separate chest of drawers.

With Shelves

A double wardrobe with a shelf is a less common design but can be extremely useful. Much like with the extra drawer having a shelf can really help buy offering more storage. I once bought a Langley Pine Ladies Double Wardrobe from The Cotswold Company. It had a shelf at the bottom which my wife still uses today as a place to store toiletries and our kids clothes.

One Final Consideration

One final thing to consider is the condition that the wardrobe is delivered. There are typically three types – flat packed, part assembled and fully assembled.

Flat Packed are typically of a poorer quality. They are normally made of MDF and have thin fiberboard in the drawers. I wouldn’t personally recommend a flat packed wardrobe.

Part Assembled are similar to flat packed in that you need to assemble it yourself. However the massive difference is that some assembly such as socket that the bolts go into are already built in. This means that all you need to do is to bolt the sections together. It is also important to note that part assembled wardrobes are made of solid wood throughout – not MDF.

Fully assembled wardrobes are less common. That is simply because that the size and weight is often to much to be able to physically get it into the bedroom. I have personally tried to get a two door wardrobe up stairs in my brothers house. Not being able to bend wood we failed.

I would recommend buying a part assembled because it offers you the quality of a fully assembled with the convenience of a flat packed wardrobe. I have two and I couldn’t be happier with them. The oldest is 6 years old and is as good as new.

Where to Buy Double Wardrobes?

The Cotswold CompanyThere are plenty of places to buy wardrobes online. I always recommend The Cotswold Company because I have used them several times. I have bought both the Langley Pine Ladies Double and the Langley Pine Gents Double which I could not be happier with.

They offer not only an impressive range of wardrobes but also bedroom furniture and furniture for the whole house. They offer a number of different timed delivery slows including evenings and the weekend and they even offer a assembly service. On top of all that they offer finance which can make a furniture investment much less challenging on the bank balance.

Top Double Wardrobes

Appleby Oak Wide Double Wardrobe with Mirrors

Appleby Oak Wide Double WardrobeAlthough officially a two door wardrobe the Applyby Oak Wide Double has a width more like a triple. As you can see from the picture it also offers two mirrors to help you get dressed in the morning.

The wardrobe offers a spacious amount of hanging rail storage behind the double doors. It then has two nice sized drawers in the base for blankets or perhaps some towels.

The dimensions (which are impressive) are 196 cm in height, 147 cm in width and 56 cm in depth. It weighs a total of 92 kg’s before you fill it up. Due to its size it is delivered part assembled. This is due to the size and the fact oak is a heavy wood. The trad off is that it is strong and this wardrobe offers you hanging rail, drawers and mirrors so it can’t be bad.


  • Range: Appleby Oak
  • Material: Oak
  • Type: with Drawers (Two) & Mirror
  • Height: 196 cm
  • Width: 147 cm
  • Depth: 56 cm
  • Weight: 92 Kg’s

Chantilly White Double Wardrobe

Chantilly White Double WardrobeOne of the finest pained furniture collections you can get is the Chantilly White collection. This is the double wardrobe from that collection. It is one of a number of different wardrobes. As you can see it looks beautiful and will add a clean freshness to any room that it is in.

The wardrobe offers spacious hanging rail storage behind the two doors as well as a large deep drawer in the base. Both the drawer and doors are opened with round metal door knobs.

The dimensions of this double are 190 cm in height, 111 cm wide and 58 cm deep. It weighs in at 82.9 Kg’s and is delivered part assembled. We strongly recommend checking out the rest of the Chantilly White Collection as there are a number of fabulous items including several wardrobes.


  • Range: Chantilly White
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: with Drawer (One)
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Width: 111 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 82.9 Kg’s

Hamilton Pine Double Wardrobe

Hamilton Pine Double WardrobeThe Hamilton Pine Double Wardrobe is more like a wardrobe and chest of drawers built together. It offers the traditional hanging rail but also offers no fewer than four drawers beneath in a 2 over 2 formation. Combine together this unit offers a high volume of storage.

Personally I love pine. My bedroom is filled with the stuff. I like the look of it. As you can see from the picture the Hamilton Pine looks great too. It has a warmth that only pine seems to be able to provide.

The dimensions of this double are 200 cm in height (taller to accommodate the drawers), 125 cm in width (quite wide for a double) and 54 cm in depth. It weighs a total of 61 kg’s and is delivered part assembled. This simply means some of the work is done but you do need to bolt the sections together. 


  • Range: Hamilton Pine
  • Material: Pine
  • Type: with Drawers
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Width: 125 cm
  • Depth: 54 cm
  • Weight: 61 Kg’s

Oakley Pine Gents Double

Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe

Looking for a pine double then look no further. This is the Oakley Pine Gents Double. Made from solid wood it offers more than just the hanging rail section. It looks great and offers truly solid storage.

With three drawers at the bottom this is a unit that offers real flexibility of storage. If you need more drawers you could always add in the Oakley Tall Boy Chest.

This wardrobe like many we recommend is part assembled. It will need to be bolted together but that is a simple job and basic instructions are provided. This is a step up from flat packed where you need to screw every single component together.

The wardrobe is the perfect combination. Made from pine it is more affordable than oak, is still strong enough to last for years and is an ideal size for any bedroom. It has dimensions of 185 cm tall by 95 cm wide and 57 cm deep. It is 71 Kg’s in weight. Check out the other items in the Oakley Pine Range. There are a number of wardrobes, several different sized chest of drawers as well as a number of other items. 

  • Range: Oakley Pine
  • Material: Pine
  • Type: Double with Three Drawers
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Width: 95 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Weight: 71 Kg’s

Burford Painted Double with Drawer

Burford Painted Double WardrobeWhite bedroom furniture is always popular which is why the Burford Painted Double is on our recommended list. This most beautiful of wardrobes offers a large spacious hanging rial section with an additional drawer beneath. It is a great combination of looks, usefulness and price.

Taking into account the look, size and price of this wardrobe we feel that it is an ideal wardrobe for any particular bedroom. It could for example be perfect as a child’s wardrobe or alternatively it could be placed in a guest room and even a master bedroom. It is ideal for any of them which is an added benefit and a reason this model is so popular.

The dimensions of this wardrobe are 201 cm in height, 113 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. It weighs 88.50 Kg’s before you put anything in it and it is delivered part assembled. Check out the rest of the Burford Collection as there are a number of other great items. There are also other wardrobes if this one is not exactly what you are after.


  • Range: Burford Painted
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: Painted Double with One Drawer
  • Height: 201 cm
  • Width: 113 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Weight: 88.5 Kg’s

Westcote Blue Double Wardrobe

Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe

Lundy Stone Grey 2 Drawer Wardrobe

Snowhill White Gents Wardrobe

Mottisford Painted Ladies Double


What next?

If you like the look of our recommended wardrobes or would like to see more then please visit The Cotswold Company. They are our recommended retailer. I have bought from them in fact all the furniture in my bedroom and the kids bedroom is from there. I cannot recommend them enough. Just visit and you will see. Happy Shopping.

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