Dressing Tables with Double Pedestal

Dressing Tables with Double PedestalIf there is one item of furniture in the bedroom that needs to be absolutely perfect then it is the dressing table. Much like the wardrobe a dressing table can come in many shapes and sizes. The most useful of all of these is the ‘double pedestal’. That simply means a dressing table with drawers on both sides. In this post I want to have a look at some of the best double pedestal dressing tables because there are still a number of differences (think oak, pine, painted, white etc).

Top Dressing Tables with Double Pedestal

There are obviously a number of dressing tables out there. Many come with a single pedestal but there are still a good number with two pedestals. If you are looking for one it could take you a good while to search the best sites looking for the right model for you. Alternatively you can check out our recommendations below. Even if you do not agree you will know what type of dressing tables are available and where best to get them. These are the best in our opinion. Perhaps you agree?

Burford Painted Double Pedestal

Burford Painted Double Pedestal Dressing TableThis one is for lovers of white furniture out there. It is the Burford Painted Double Pedestal Dressing Table and as you can see it is a beautiful unit that oozes quality throughout. It has a large surface with a set of four drawers on either side allowing you all the storage you need. In fact there are so many drawers this dressing table may even remove or at least reduce the need for a chest of drawers.

It is 76.1 cm in height, 144 cm in width and 52.5 cm deep with a total weight of 61 kg’s. It is available to buy from The Cotswold Company and is delivered fully assembled. This is a product of the highest quality and is a little more expensive than some. You can however get it on finance for as little as £12.56 per month. You really can’t ask better than that.Please Note: This dressing table can also be used as a desk.

Wickham Washed Oak Dressing Table Set

Wickham Washed Oak Dressing Table SetWhile many do like white furniture some much prefer oak. For this reason we thought it only right to have an oak dressing table to show you the best oak wood has to offer. This is the Wickham Washed Oak Dressing Table Set. It comes with the table, stool and mirror although it is also available without the mirror.

The dressing table has drawers on both sides both with 3 drawers. The bottom drawers are slightly larger than the top drawers. They are perfect for holding all your personal belongings. It comes with a stool and mirror which make it slightly more cost effective.

The dressing table is 78 cm in height, 161.3 cm in width and 44 cm in depth. The mirror is 75 cm in height, 59 cm in width and 11.5 cm in depth. They weight a total of 84 kg’s before anything is added. This is another table that comes fully assembled. You can tell from the weight this is truly solid oak. It is available from The Cotswold Company with finance available from £12.79 a month.


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Sherwood 6 Drawer Dressing Table

Yvette Dressing Table


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