Littleton White Painted High Sleeper with Desk

One problem many of us have these days is space. This is particularly the case if we have kids. Kids come with clothes, toys, school books not forgetting a need for beds and all sorts of other stuff. Ensuring that your child’s bedroom is as space efficient as possible is therefore vital. The Littleton White Painted High Sleeper with Desk is a great way to get more out of their bedroom.

Littleton High Sleeper: Whats Included


This is primarily a bed as you can see from the picture. The bed is a standard single bed raised up over top of the cupboard and desk. It comes with a ladder to climb up and down. It is not for children under the age of 6 because of the height involved.

Please note: The bed is suitable for a mattress measuring 190 cm by 90 cm with a maximum thickness of 20 cm. 


The bookcase is almost an L Shape and offers the child a place to store everything from books to soft toys. It gives them a space to clear away their clutter which is perhaps more popular with their parents. It does give them a place that is within reach to put things allowing them to take control of the tidiness of their own bedroom.


When you think of a desk for children you will probably think of a desk for school work. This isn’t always the case. Younger kids can use a desk to practise writing or just to drawer or colour things in. Having a little space like this can be invaluable for parents especially when trying to keep all their kids stuff in their room. The desk is small but big enough to be used by kids of all ages. Secondary school kids may be a little too large to fit under the bed as the ladder could get in the way.

Matching Collection

This collection is a colour match for the Chantilly White range which is extremely useful. If you were to choose one of the Chantilly White Wardrobes with Drawers you can save yourself even more space. You can even get the Chantilly White Tall 5 Drawer Chest which is a tall narrow chest of drawers. That too will help maximise space without taking up a massive amount of floor space. You may end up with enough space for the Littleton White Painted Toy Box.

The bed itself is 181 cm in height, 103.5 cm in width and 200.5 cm in length with a total weight of 128 kg’s. It will require assembly but because of its simple design and instructions provided it is a simple enough job. You may want a second pair of hands though.

It is available from the Cotswold Company as are the other items mentioned. This bed is available on finance for as little as £20.08 a month.


  • Collection: Littleton White Painted
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Width: 103.5 cm
  • Length:  200.5 cm
  • Weight: 128 kg’s
  • Assembly: Assembly Required
  • Colour Match: This matches with Chantilly Bedroom Furniture

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