Oakley Pine 10 Drawer Double Chest

Love pine? Need lots of storage? Want a chest of drawers that will last? Then look at the Oakley Pine 10 Drawer Double Chest. This massive chest is both wide and tall and offers no fewer than 10 (ten) drawers. Combine the large amount of storage with the stability and affordability of pine not forgetting the looks and you have a winner.

What does it offer?

The looks are typical of what you would expect from pine. It has a warmth that fits so well in to so many different bedrooms. It also has the major benefit that pine is both strong and affordable. This helps offer the strength you need with the price you want. It should also be noted that not only is this chest made from solid wood but that includes the bases. This means no sagging that can be the downfall of so many cheaper chests.

The Oakley Pine Collection

The chest is part of the Oakley Pine collection which boasts a number of smaller chests if this is a little on the large side. This includes a tallboy chest. They go really well with the double and triple wardrobes which are available. Both wardrobes include drawers but if your need for folding storage is high this 10 drawer chest may work perfectly with either wardrobe.

What we particularly like about this chest of drawers is not only that it has 10 drawers. It is that four are narrow across the top and the other six are wider below. This gives you the chance to arrange your clothes efficiently no matter how many people it is used for. The dimensions are 90.5 cm in height, 134 cm in width and 45 cm in depth. It is wide and will take up space but if it is for a large bedroom it can still work well especially with the Oakley Pine Double Wardrobe.

The chest is 55 kg’s in weight and is delivered in a fully assembled condition meaning no need to get your screwdriver set out. Be sure to check out the other items in the collection as the Oakley Pine range offers top pine furniture.


  • Collection: Oakley Pine
  • Type: 10 Drawer Chest of Drawers
  • Height: 90.5 cm
  • Width: 134 cm
  • Depth: 45 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg’s
  • Delivered: Fully Assembled

Next Step?

If you are interested in this 10 drawer chest of drawers or want to see the other items from the Oakley Pine Collection please visit The Cotswold Company.

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