Pine Chest of Drawers (Buyers Guide)

Hamilton Pine Low and Wide ChestNo wardrobe is complete without a set of drawers to go with it. Here I want to put forward the case for buying a pine chest of drawers by giving the pros and cons as well as offering some wonderful examples from some of the leading UK retailers. I believe that by the end of this post you will be convinced that pine is most definitely the way to go.

Why Choose a Chest of Drawers

Before we begin to look at the pros and cons of using pine for your chest of drawers lets look at exactly what a chest of drawers is and why we would want one.

A chest of drawers is a unit used specifically for the storage of clothes that can be folded. Examples of these include socks, underwear, jogging bottoms and towels. They are extremely useful and should be found in every bedroom. The only real exception to this is if you have a wardrobe with a number of drawers already in the base.

Benefits of Using Pine

There are a number of benefits to using pine over other woods such as oak. While each one offers a good reason to buy pine it is only when you add the benefits all together that you realize it really is the best option.


One of the most important considerations anyone makes when buying new furniture is the price. It is for that reason that it is our first benefit. Pine is one of the most affordable types of wood used in furniture. This is particularly the case when you compare it to oak. Take for example two chest of drawers from the Cotswold Company – Appleby Oak 2 over 3 Drawer Chest and the Oakley Pine 4 Drawer Chest.

While the Appleby Oak does have one more drawer their overall sizes are much the same yet the Appleby Oak is for sale at £349 while the Oakley Pine chest is only £249. This is almost completely down to the wood used.


While pine is more affordable than oak it does come at a cost. Oak is stronger. This however is not a problem as pine is still more that strong enough to be used in the construction of furniture. If you consider the weaker parts of a chest such as the wooden knobs and the drawer bases even made from pine these can last for many years. Oak may be stronger but it really doesn’t matter.


Looks are another consideration people make and it is one reason why pine is so popular. As you can see from the various pictures of pine chests throughout this article (Also see below) a pine chest looks great. There is a warmth to the look that makes any room you put one in all the better for it. While some do like the look of oak and even some of the painted chests out there pine is for many the best.

Types of Pine Chest of Drawers

There are a couple of types of chests. The best way to categorize these are solid wood and MDF or to put it another way fully assembled and flat packed.

Solid Pine Chest of Drawers (Ready Assembled)

Solid pine chests are the very best that are available offering strength and longevity and in my opinion they always turns out to be the better value. The term ‘Solid Pine’ simply means it is made from pine that has simply been cut into the right sized pieces. It is more than just a solid frame or solid top though – it includes solid drawer bases and this is where using solid pine wood will always better that of MDF. MDF chests generally use a thinner plywood that bends as soon as you put anything in it. That is not the case when using solid cuts of wood for drawer bases.

MDF Chest of Drawers (Flat Packed)

While MDF are not as strong and perhaps wont last you as long they do have their place. As we said above pine wood is good because it is more affordable. Well MDF is more affordable than solid so if you really are on a budget but you still want the benefit of furniture that looks good then this may be the best option for you. It is particularly good for those with kids as budgets are tight and the furniture is unlikely to survive your child’s childhood anyway.

Alternatives to Pine

There really is only one alternative to getting a pine chest – get an oak chest. There is of course a pro and con to this too. The pro is that oak is by far a stronger wood and is more likely to last longer as a result. The downside which is a big one is that oak is more expensive. This is because while oak may be stronger it takes a lot longer to grow thus the price is higher.

Where to Buy Pine Chest of Drawers

We have done some in depth research on where to get the best pine chests and we have narrowed it down to three different companies – The Cotswold Company, Dunelm and Wayfair. This has been decided on the models that are available, taking into account looks, designs and price. Below you can see some of the finest examples from each of these online retailers.

Please Note: All are available to buy. If you wish to buy or want to see what other chests are available then please see the ‘sources’ section at the end of this article.

Pine Chest of Drawers for Sale

This whole post was to show you why pine chest of drawers are the best. We have gone through the benefits, the different types and what the alternatives are. Now lets finish off the case by looking at some of the finest models out there and where you can get them from should you be interested.

  • Oakley Pine Slim Jim 5 Drawer Chest – (The Cotswold Co)
  • Hamilton Pine Low and Wide Chest – (The Cotswold Co)
  • Corona Pine 4 Drawer Chest – (Dunelm)
  • Colburn Pine 9 Drawer Chest – (Dunelm)
  • Kaufman Merchants 7 Drawer Chest – (Wayfair)
  • Ordonez 6 Drawer Chest – (Wayfair)

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