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Oakland Single WardrobeBack in the day a wardrobe would almost always have a single door. Over time our needs for larger wardrobes have grown and so too has the number of doors. A single wardrobe is the smallest of all wardrobes. In fact it can be quite significantly smaller than its triple or quad wardrobe brothers. It is however still important and within this post I would like to explain why.

Within this article:

  • Importance of Single Wardrobes
  • Utilizing a Single Wardrobe Effectively
  • Best Single Wardrobes

Single Wardrobe Definition: a single wardrobe is a wardrobe with one single door. In essence when we talk about single wardrobes what we are really talking about is narrow (thin) wardrobes.

Importance of Single Wardrobes

Despite being significantly smaller than other wardrobes there is still an important role for the single door wardrobe even in our modern world.

Needs and space available are different from person to person. It could be that all you need is a wardrobe for the guest room. A guest doesn’t stay long so will not have a large amount of clothes. Even a small wardrobe would offer enough storage for a guest staying for a weekend.

You may already have a wardrobe but it isn’t quite enough. Maybe you have space for a triple but only actually have a double. Sadly you do actually need a triple but with only a double what do you do? Do you throw what you have and go buy a new triple wardrobe? Do you throw away much loved clothes so they fit into a double wardrobe? Or do you just buy a cheaper single to go next to the double? I think the answer is obvious.

Note: Although a narrow wardrobe such as a single would seem like a good choice for a small bedroom it may not be the case. Sometimes getting a larger wardrobe with drawers in the base can actually work better. Check out my post on how to furnish a small bedroom for more on that.

Utilizing a Single Wardrobe Effectively

The key to utilizing a single wardrobe is firstly to understand when to use one which I have gone through above. The other of course is to understand fully what your storage needs are. Only then can you buy the right design of wardrobe.

Even within the single wardrobe category there is a number of options. These options are important not just for getting the type of wood or finish you want bu most importantly the design you need. Below are the main designs.

Full Hanging

If you are looking to buy a wardrobe to go along side one you already have then what that new single wardrobe offers is vital. If you have lots of nice work shirts and trousers that need to be hung up then a full hanging single may be the best option.

With Additional Drawer

A popular design feature on wardrobes of all sizes these days is the addition of a drawer or drawers. Even single wardrobes can come with an extra drawer. This gives you a little more storage without taking up more floor space. If you are looking to squeeze a wardrobe in to a little gap that is left then this could be just the thing. Great examples are the Oakland or Chester Grey – more details on them below.

With Shelf

It is even possible to get single wardrobes with shelves included. This can either be a shelf above the rail such as the Chambery Painted Wardrobe offers or a number of shelves in place of the hanging rail section such as the Chantilly or Burford Singles. Again please see below for more on these wardrobes. What is great about the shelves is that it offers a great solution for those who already have plenty of hanging rail and just need somewhere to put the towels.

Best Single Wardrobes

There is no point in talking about the delights and usefulness of a single wardrobe without at least offering up a number of the very best. Below are what we believe to be the very best you can get. Available from The Cotswold Company all are made from solid wood and each offers something slightly different so you can be sure there is something to meet your needs.

Chantilly White Single Wardrobe

Chantilly White Single WardrobeThe Chantilly White Single Wardrobe is the first of two white singles wardrobes we have on our recommended list. This is a wide wardrobe offering a little more storage if you have the space for it. It looks clean, fresh and ready to stun anyone who sees it.

For a single wardrobe the Chantilly is packed with features. Yes it has the hanging rail as you would expect however it has much more. It has a permanent shelf above the rail as well as removable shelves below it. This allows you to tailor it to your needs. You can even set it up as a unit of shelves and forget hanging anything. It all depends on your needs.

The dimensions are 190 cm in height, 80 cm in width and 58 cm in depth. It weighs 69.2 kg’s in total and is delivered part assembled.


  • Range: Chantilly White
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: Single Wardrobe
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 69.2 Kg’s

Oakland Single Wardrobe

Oakland Single WardrobeThe Oakland Single Wardrobe is a traditional looking wardrobe with its one door and its warm wooden look. You can see just from the picture just how solid this unit is which is ideal for offering your clothes years of safe storage.

The design is one of simplicity. It offers hanging rail storage behind the single door and a drawer in the base. The drawer uses solid wood for the base so you can be sure there is no sagging which can be a problem with some cheaper flat packed wardrobes. The wardrobe itself is part assembled and will need bolting together when it arrives. Instructions are given but in reality you just need to bolt the panels together. Once built it is not coming apart – again unlike those cheap flat packed jobs.

The dimensions are 193 cm in height, 75 cm in width and 58 cm in depth with a weight of 69 kg’s (oak is heavy). It has been given a hand applied wax finish and a clear lacquer to help protect the wood and help with it s appearance.

The Oakland Collection is an amazing collection offering everything you could want for the bedroom, dining room, living room, hallway – well pretty much the whole house. There are over 100 items available in the collection. We recommend checking them out. For more go to The Cotswold Company.


  • Range: Oakland
  • Material: Oak
  • Type: Single with Drawer
  • Height: 193 cm
  • Width: 75 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 69 Kg’s

Chambery Grey Single Wardrobe

Chambery Grey Single WardrobeThe Chambery Grey Single Door Wardrobe is one of a two grey wardrobes in our list. In truth they are both stunning but as you can see from the picture there is something unique about the Chambery’s look. Grey all over it looks clean and fresh and will add to any bedroom no matter how it is decorated.

The wardrobe has dimensions of 190 cm in height, 80 cm in width and 58 cm in depth with a total weight when empty of 69.2 kg’s. As you can see it has a solid looking base and offers you the option of hanging rail or shelves. In fact you can have hanging rail and shelves. This might seem off but if you have a child whose clothes are a lot smaller it can work really well.

Check out the rest of the Chambery Grey Collection as there are a couple more wardrobes (double and triple) as well as beds, bedside tables, and a number of chest of drawers including a particularly wide one if that is what you need. They all come in a matching design.


  • Range: Chambery Grey
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: Single Wardrobe
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 69.2 Kg’s

Burford Painted Single Wardrobe

Burford Painted Single Door WardrobeOne of the key reasons why people want to buy a single door wardrobe is to fit into a small gap to maximise bedroom storage. If this is the case then the Burford Painted Single Wardrobe may be just the thing. It is the narrowest wardrobe at only 56 cm in width and offers the option of hanging rail or internal shelves depending on your need.

The wardrobe looks stunning with its fresh white paint which fits well into any bedroom. One of the benefits of white furniture is even if it doesn’t come from the same collection they still go well together.

The dimensions are 192 cm in height, 56 cm in width and 56 cm in depth (width and depth the same). It weighs in at just 49 kg’s in weight before you fill it. The wardrobe is delivered in sections. You will need to bolt it together yourself. Instructions are provided although a helping hand would be useful.


  • Range: Burford
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: Single
  • Height: 192 cm
  • Width: 56 cm
  • Depth: 56 cm
  • Weight: 49 Kg’s

Chester Grey Single Wardrobe

Chester Grey Single Wardrobe with DrawerThe Chester Grey Single Door Wardrobe is the perfect wardrobe for anyone with a minimalist lifestyle. Alternatively if you are looking to add a second wardrobe then it is also good. Ideal for the guest bedroom, a young child’s bedroom or perhaps furnishing your holiday home. It has looks that will make it a delight wherever you put it.

The wardrobe itself is very simple. It has the hanging rail in the top section with a single drawer below. There isn’t much more you can do with a single wardrobes design. Both open with a small round metal handle which helps complete the overall look.

The dimensions are 193 cm in height, 75 cm in width and 58 cm in depth. It weighs a total of 54 kg’s which is still high for a single due to the solid wood it is built from. 


  • Range: Chester Grey
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: Single with Drawer
  • Height: 193 cm
  • Width: 75 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 54 Kg’s

What next?

If you have seen something you like then pop over to The Cotswold Company who stock these wardrobes. They also stock a number of other wardrobes as well as other items for the bedroom and the whole house. You will not be disappointed.

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