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I regularly get asked questions that are simply not long enough to post about individually. For that reason I have set up this Q&A page where I can answer them all. If you have a question not answered here or elsewhere on this site please contact me and i’ll add it.

How Deep Should my Wardrobe be?

A wardrobe needs to be deep enough for clothes to fit in. As the hanging rail runs across the width of the wardrobe the depth needs to be greater than the width of your clothes (e.g. your shirt) Typically this is about 24 inches or 60 cm although the Burford Painted Combination Wardrobe is only 52 cm. A standard UK wardrobe can vary in depth anywhere from around 52 cm right through to 60 cm. Each wardrobe is different though so it is best to check the dimensions before you place any orders.

How Wide is a Standard Wardrobe?

A wardrobe can vary in width depending on its design and the number of doors. As a result it is hard to say how wide a standard wardrobe is as wardrobes can be anything from a single which is roughly 56 cm wide right through to a large quad wardrobe which can be over 200 cm. More details below.

Using the Cotswold Company as an example the widths of each type of wardrobe are as follows.

Single Wardrobe – 56 cm (Burford Painted Single Wardrobe) to 80 cm (Chantilly White and Chambery Grey Painted Wardrobe)

Double Wardrobe – 95 cm (Appleby Oak Double Wardrobe with Mirrors) to 147 cm (Appleby Oak Wide Double Wardrobe with Mirrors)

Triple Wardrobe – 161 cm (Portland Grey Triple Wardrobe) to 200 cm (Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe)

Quad Wardrobe – 200.2 cm (Oakland Quad Wardrobe) to 224 cm (Chantilly White Quad Wardrobe)

Is a Room Considered a Bedroom without a Wardrobe?

A bedroom does not need to have a wardrobe in it to be called a bedroom. Although a wardrobe is required by almost everyone it does not mean that the wardrobe is in the same room as their bed. This is particularly the case with small bedrooms (box rooms) To be called a bedroom the room should have at least a bed – that is after all what it is named after.


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