Top Wardrobe with Drawers, Shelves and Mirror?

Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe with Drawers, Shelves and MirrorWe live in a world were things like clothes are now more affordable than ever before. The result of that is we have an outfit for every occasion and in some cases more than one. We own more clothes than we need and while there is nothing particularly wrong with that it does raise an important question – where do we store them all?

I have written countless posts about the benefits of buying the right wardrobe. In some cases this is about getting a narrow wardrobe to increase your storage just a little. In some cases it is about getting a massive wardrobe that fills one side of your bedroom.

Most of my posts have been about getting a wardrobe that perfectly matches your particular requirements. This could mean a wardrobe with drawers, a wardrobe with shelves or even a wardrobe that includes a mirror to help you tie your tie in the morning. Today I want to talk about a wardrobe that includes all three – The Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe (with Drawers, Shelves and a Mirror)

Chantilly White Grand Triple Wardrobe





  • Collection: Chantilly White
  • Height: 210 c,
  • Width: 200 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 146.7 kg’s
  • Assembly: Part Assembled
  • Available From: The Cotswold Company


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