Wardrobes for Small Spaces

One major issue a lot of people have these days is squeezing enough storage capacity out of the space they have. We all own many more things than our grandparents did. We end up with far greater storage needs. On this page I look at some of the best wardrobes for small spaces. I will look at what makes a good wardrobe. I will even give some examples. If you need to maximise storage in a small room then this article has the answer.

Best Wardrobes for Small Spaces

What exactly makes a good wardrobe when space is tight? Well the answer to this is very simple. It is a wardrobe that takes advantage of the vertical space in your room. In other words a taller narrower wardrobe is always going to be best.

Wardrobes with Drawers

A wardrobe with drawers is a relatively modern design of wardrobe. It is where the wardrobe has a hanging rail section in the top half and a set of drawers in the bottom. Imagine a wardrobe and drawer chest squashed on top of each other. These wardrobes are normally a little taller although the hanging rail section is often a little shorter. The benefit it that you get more storage for the same amount of floor used up. This makes them ideal for any bedroom where storage is limited including small bedrooms.

Wardrobes with a Top Box

If you have read my article on wardrobe top boxes you will know that a top box is a mini cupboard that fits on top of a wardrobe. It has the same ideal and goal as the drawers – to increase storage without taking up any more floor space. It is a great idea for those who can find the right designs for them.

Wardrobes with Both

Of course you can get a wardrobe that includes both like the Colburn Cream Pine Triple Wardrobe. This includes a number of drawers in the base, some hanging rail storage and the top box on top which allows you to maximise the storage.

I know what you are about to say – that is a triple wardrobe and they are huge. They cannot be good for small bedrooms. Well actually they can. If the wardrobe that you buy is large it can ultimately save you space IF you end up not needing a separate chest of drawers. The wardrobe may be 150 cm wide but the two together may be 175 cm wide. You have saved space even with a larger wardrobe.

Top Wardrobes for Small Bedrooms

Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe

Oak wardrobes have many benefits especially when it comes to strength and stability. If you can get one that is tall and not to wide then all the better. The Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe is just such a wardrobe. It offers great looks, a high level of storage and all in a unit that is 103 cm in width.

In fact the Hadley Smoked doesn’t just offer the traditional hanging rail. It also offers two drawers below and a shelf on top. That is how you take full advantage of the height of a wardrobe. It is 196 cm in height which is taller than most to accommodate the extra storage. It is 103 cm in width and 60.5 cm in depth. This makes it an ideal oak wardrobe for a small room.

Depending on the size of your room you could add some other items such as chest of drawers. There is a number available within the Hadley Smoked collection.  The Hadley Smoked 2 over 4 Drawer Chest would be a great option as like the wardrobe it is tall and not to wide.


  • Collection: Hadley Smoked
  • Type: Double Wardrobe with Shelf and Drawers
  • Height: 196 cm
  • Width: 103 cm
  • Depth: 60.5 cm
  • Weight: 106 Kg’s
  • Retailer: The Cotswold Company

Colburn Cream Pine Triple Wardrobe

The Colburn Cream is a magnificent example of a wardrobe that offers an excellent level of storage without breaking the bank. It is a triple wardrobe with dour drawers in the base. It combines a cream and pine look that will add class to your bedroom as well as offering a high level of storage for its 130 cm of width.

While 130 cm may seem like a lot because this wardrobe has four drawers it eliminates the need for a separate chest of drawers. That means it could well end up taking up less space than a double and drawer chest combined.

The wardrobe will require assembly and is 185 cm in height, 130 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. It is part of a wider range that includes a Colburn Cream Top Box to add even more storage. This is basically a cupboard on top of the wardrobe. Check out my Guide to Wardrobe Top Box’s for more details.


  • Collection: Colburn Cream
  • Type: Triple Wardrobe with 4 Drawers
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Width: 130 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Retailer: Dunelm

Hamilton Pine 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe

So we have seen a cream and pine wardrobe and an oak wardrobe that can maximise storage in a small bedroom. What about a white wardrobe? This is the Hamilton Pine 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe which offers excellent storage within its 88.4 cm of width.

This wardrobe would work perfectly with the Hamilton 2 over 4 Chest to maximise storage without taking up to much space. It is tall at 185.c cm and quite narrow at 88.4 cm. Finally it has a depth of 56.5 cm. It is a cheap flat packed model that offers storage on a budget.


  • Collection: Hamilton
  • Type: 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe
  • Height: 185.2 cm
  • Width: 88.4 cm
  • Depth: 56.5 cm
  • Retailer: Furniture123

What Next?

If you like any of the wardrobes shown here simply click on the retailer link to go to the retailers site. You can then buy the wardrobe along with a number of matching items. If you want to know more about wardrobes please take a look at our site. The Wardrobe Type at the top right offers a number of buyer guides for different types of wardrobes. We hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading.

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