Wardrobes with Drawers

Traditionally bedroom furniture has included both wardrobes and chest of drawers. They have always been two very separate units. Now that has all changes. These days you can get wardrobes with drawers included within the base. This means that you can have a wardrobe with a higher level of storage without taking up more of the floor. In fact there are a number of great benefits to buying a wardrobe with extra drawers. Within this guide we will go through all you need to know so you can take advantage of this wonderful design.

Benefits of Wardrobes with Drawers

Increased Storage

We all want value for money and these days with a need for storage a wardrobe with an extra drawer or drawers is perfect for that increase. A wardrobe such as the Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe offers not only two doors worth of hanging rial but also three drawers in the base. That is like having a wardrobe on top of a small chest of drawers all without taking up any more floor space.

Ideal for Small Rooms

If you have a small bedroom them finding ways to maximise the storage is important. Using wardrobes that have drawers can be the perfect solution. Say for example you are putting a wardrobe in a child’s bedroom or perhaps the spare bedroom. It could be that the two or three drawers that are built in will be enough. If that is the case instead of buying a chest of drawers and a wardrobe you now only need the wardrobe with drawers in it. That means you are far more likely to be able to fit it into the small bedroom. It can actually be the case that a triple wardrobe with drawers provides more storage and fits in a small room better than a double wardrobe with chest of drawers.

Reduced Spend (possibly)

As mentioned above if a wardrobe with two or three drawers in the base is all you need you do not just save space- you save money. No-one wants to waste money and so this is a great option. Buying one unit instead of two is going to save money every day of the week and that means more money for the really important things in life like your family.

Top Wardrobe with Drawers

Having gone through the benefits we felt it important to show you some of the options. Below are some great examples of wardrobes that come with anything from a drawer to several drawers. There is everything from a single wardrobe right through to massive four door wardrobes. They will demonstrate just how many choices there are and just how useful they can be.

Oakland Single Wardrobe

Oakland Single Wardrobe with DrawerA great example of how you can increase the storage of a wardrobe by sneaking a drawer in the base is the Oakland Single Door Wardrobe. It is a wardrobe ideal for guest rooms or as a second wardrobe in a master room when storage needs have increased. Made of oak it looks great, is as solid as you could want and is competitively priced.

It has dimensions of 193 cm in height, 75 cm in width and 58 cm in depth. It is 69 kg’s in weight and is delivered part assembled. A single wardrobe being the size it is means that it is a lot more straight forward to put together. One person can do this alone although an extra pair of hands is always useful. 

The additional drawer in the base while offering extra storage is not going to change the world. Check out the rest of the Oakland collection as there are larger wardrobes as well as several different sized drawer chests.


  • Range: Oakland
  • Material: Oak
  • Type: Single with Drawer
  • Height: 193 cm
  • Width: 75 cm
  • Depth: 58 cm
  • Weight: 69 Kg’s

Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe

Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe with DrawersThis is the beautiful Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe which offers you no fewer than three drawers (one wide, two narrow) as well as the traditional hanging rail section. Made from solid pine wood this wardrobe looks great and will fit into almost any bedroom with ease.

The doors are hinged and open up to reveal the hanging rail. The drawers beneath give you the chance to organise your clothes. As wardrobes with drawers go this is pretty standard. However because it is made from pine it is more affordable than the same design made from oak. It does however still have the strength to give you years of service.

The wardrobe is 185 cm in height, 95 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. It weighs 71 Kg’s. Due to the size, design and price this wardrobe is a good choice no matter what bedroom you are looking to furnish. Check out the other Oakley Pine furniture items as there are some beautiful and extremely useful items to go with it. 


  • Range: Oakley Pine
  • Material: Pine
  • Type: Double Wardrobe with Three Drawers
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Width: 95 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Weight: 71 Kg’s

Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe

Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer WardrobeThe Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe is one of the most stunning that we recommend. It is however much more than just good looks. This wardrobe is quite wide offering hanging rail across its full width. Beneath that are two good sized drawers and above is an extra shelf.

The look of this wardrobe makes it ideal for the master bedroom or perhaps a guest room. It is 196 cm in height, 103 cm in width (this is quite wide) and 60.5 cm in depth (this is one of the deepest) It weighs in at a impressive 106 Kg’s. 

We recommend you check out the rest of the Hadley collection as there are a number of excellent chest of drawers that would go perfectly with this wardrobe. Together they would give you all the storage you need. This wardrobe also comes in a set so check that out as you may be able to save yourself some money.


  • Range: Hadley Smoked
  • Material: Oak
  • Type: Double Wardrobe with Drawers
  • Height: 196 cm
  • Width: 103 cm
  • Depth: 60.5 cm
  • Weight: 106 Kg’s

Hamilton Pine Triple

Hamilton Pine Triple WardrobeFor those looking for a pine wardrobe with drawers should really take a look at the Hamilton Pine Collection. This is the Hamilton Pine Triple although there is also a double available. It is a fantastic example of maximizing space using drawers. It is in effect a wardrobe and chest of drawers combined.

This wardrobe comes with no fewer than seven separate drawers with three at the top and another four in a two by two formation below. Each is made from solid pine and yes that includes the bases. There will be no sagging here.

With three doors and seven drawers this wardrobe really does offer storage volume. It is large with dimensions of 200 cm in height, 180 cm in width and 54 cm in depth. Despite the size and strength it offers it still comes in at only 85 kg’s. It weighs less than I do.

Please note the Hamilton Pine Double with two narrow drawers over two wide drawers (2 over 2) is also available if the triple is slightly to large. There are also a number of other items available as part of the Hamilton Pine Collection. 


  • Range: Hamilton Pine
  • Material: Pine
  • Type: Triple with Seven Drawers
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Width: 180 cm
  • Depth: 54 cm
  • Weight: 85 Kg’s

Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe

Burford Painted Quad Wardrobe with DrawersThe Burford Painted Four Door Wardrobe is a simply massive wardrobe. Ideal for those who need space and like white furniture it offers a spacious storage solution including hanging rails behind all four doors and two additional drawers beneath.

It has dimensions of 201 cm in height, 214.5 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. It weighs a total of 155.5 kg’s and is delivered in a part assembled condition. This wardrobe is ideal for those looking for a main unit for their master bedroom or for anyone for that matter with high storage demands, particularly hanging rail storage.

It is part of the much larger Burford Painted collection which includes several smaller wardrobes as well as bedside tables, chest of drawers and a number of other items all with the clean fresh look that you can see in this wardrobe.


  • Range: Burford Painted
  • Material: Painted
  • Type: Quad with Two Drawers
  • Height: 201 cm
  • Width: 214.5 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Weight: 155.5 Kg’s

Wardrobes with Drawers & Shelves

After extensive research I have come up with what I believe to be the best wardrobes with drawers and shelves covering single door wardrobes right through to quad. They are:

  • Single (1 Door) – Bruce 1 Door Wardrobe
  • Double (2 Doors) – Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe with Shelf
  • Triple (3 Doors) – Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe
  • Quad (4 Doors) – Mottisfont 4 Door Wardrobe

What is interesting is that the more doors the wardrobes has the more models there are with both. This is understandable when you think about it. Triple and quad wardrobes have far more space. It is tough to put a shelf into a single door wardrobe without using up the hanging rail space. Doubles are much the same – there are very few around. Three and four door wardrobes have multiple models available but here we have picked what we believe to be the best. Lets us begin….

Single (1 Door) – Bruce 1 Door Wardrobe

As said above it is extremely hard to find a single wardrobe with both drawers and shelves. I have however been able to find one – The Bruce 1 Door Wardrobe.

It comes with a hanging rail,  drawer and two shelves and all for not much over £100. The wardrobe is of course of flat packed construction and is made from FSC- certified wood.

It is 180 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 35 cm in depth. This wardrobe is ideal for either the bedroom or as a cupboard in the hallway due to its limited depth.

If I am totally honest this wardrobe does not do much for me. It is small, flat packed and does’t look as great as some wardrobes I have seen. It is however small enough to fit into tight gaps, is affordable to everyone and does have drawers and shelves. If you like it then it is available to buy from Wayfair.

Double (2 Doors) – Hadley Smoked Oak 2 Drawer Wardrobe with Shelf

It took a bit of doing but my research eventually found a double wardrobe with both drawers and shelves. If I am totally honest it is actually a really good wardrobe. The Hadley Smoked range is a range of furniture that has a brownie grey look to it (Smoked). It has a number of items which go perfectly with this double.

The wardrobe itself has two wide drawers in the base with hanging rail section above. The shelf is at the top above the rail and offers you a little bit of extra storage. While the shelf is limited you can also use the top of the unit as well as the base in the hanging rail compartment.

This design of wardrobe is more likely to be for a man (Doesn’t have to be) purely because the hanging rail compartment is quite small. Ideal for shirts and trousers but not so much for long summer dresses.

The Hadley Smoked double is 196 cm in height, 103 cm in width and 60.5 cm in depth (that is quite deep) It weighs 106 kg’s which just goes to show how solid the oak wood is. It is delivered part assembled due to the weight but is easy to assemble as the sections just need to be bolted together.

Triple (3 Doors) – Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe

One of the most stunning white furniture collections you can get is the Burford White Collection. There are some truly stunning items of furniture with some really well designed wardrobes. The Burford Painted Triple Wardrobe is the winner in the 3 door wardrobe category. This is because it combines the looks of the Burford range with the useful design.

It has a clean and fresh look throughout and is made from the finest white painted wood. It has the traditional hanging rail behind two of the doors with adjustable internal shelving behind the third. Below that are two drawers both with solid wood bases – please note that one is large and the other small. They are not the same size.

It is delivered part assembled and is 202 cm in height, 163 cm in width and 57 cm in depth. I should also point out that this is a hinged wardrobe so please ensure that there is space in front of the wardrobe for the doors to open. It weighs in at 140.5 kg’s and will be delivered in 3 boxes.

Quad (4 Doors) – Oakland 4 Door (Quad) Wardrobe

The Oakland Quad Wardrobe is an amazing example of an oak wardrobe at its best. Just a quick look at the picture to the right and you can see not only good looks but a wardrobe that oozes strength and stability. It is a wardrobe that is going to last you for a good number of years (I want to say 20 but I may just be getting overly excited).

What makes this wardrobe even better is the fact that it offers flexible storage options. Yes it has hanging rail storage as you would expect but on top of that it has three drawers in the base and shelves behind two of the doors. These can be removed if you wish.

The Oakland Quad is 195 cm in height, 200.2 cm in width and 58 cm in depth. It weighs in at 156.6 kg’s in weight before you fill it and will be delivered part assembled due to its size and weight. With looks, stability, hanging rails, drawers and shelves what more could you possibly want?

For more examples of Quad Wardrobes with Drawers and Shelves – Click Here.

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