Hamilton Pine Wardrobes

For those looking for spacious pine wardrobes the Hamilton Pine set of wardrobes may be just the thing. There are two main wardrobes (2 and 3 door models) as well as a number of other items for the bedroom.  

Hamilton Pine Collection

The Hamilton Pine collection is a great looking pine wood collection. It includes these two wardrobes as well as a number of other items to go with them. This includes a double and triple wardrobe set which helps you to furnish your whole bedroom at a lower cost. 

There are a number of reasons why re are recommending this collection. The top reasons are shown below.

  • Amazing Looks
  • Solid Pine
  • Competitively Priced
  • Solid and Durable 

Amazing Looks

While a wardrobe is really all about storing your clothes safely looks still come into the decision making process. Who wants some ugly item of furniture in your bedroom? The looks are one reason why these wardrobes (and the full collection) are recommended by The World of Wardrobes. They look every bit as stunning as you would expect from pine wardrobes. It may not be the number one criteria but it helps. 

Solid Pine

There are many wardrobes out there to choose from. Many of the lower priced wardrobes are not worth looking at. Why? Because they are cheap flat packed wardrobes that fall apart in no time. They ultimately cost you in the long run. Of course some people don’t have the budget and need it so it does have its place. We always recommend buying solid wood wardrobes if and when you can afford it. These wardrobes are solid pine although they will need assembling. In the long run solid wood is always going to trump flat packed. 

The Ultimate Guide to Flat Packed Furniture

Competitively Priced

One of the best things about pine is that it is more affordable than say oak. This is because pine grows a lot quicker than oak. Officially pine is not as strong as oak BUT it doesn’t have to be. There is no prize for the strongest wood. All you need is a wood that is strong enough and pine most certainly is. In fact it is in many ways the perfect wood – it is strong enough to make quality furniture from yet cheap enough to be affordable to most people.  

Solid and Durable 

As mentioned above pine is strong. We bought a similar wardrobe over 6 years ago and it is still completely 100% in tact. It is as good today as the day we bought it because it was made from solid pine. Solid pine gives you a unit that will stay solid and durable for many years to come ultimately making it great value for money. 

Hamilton Pine Double Wardrobe

The Hamilton Pine Double which is a fantastic example of how good pine wardrobes can get. This is a wide double offering plenty of storage for those with a high demand for storage but who cannot quite fit in a triple wardrobe. Everything says quality about this wardrobe. 

On top of that though it is solid and will last years while being available to buy for a reasonable price. This is of course all on top of the large amount of storage it offers. What makes this double door beauty even better is it comes with four drawers towards the bottom. There are two narrower drawers above two wider drawers. They combine to offer even more storage.

The wardrobe is 200 cm in height mainly because of the drawers which always add extra to the height. It is 125 cm in width which as we said is wide for a double wardrobe. Finally it is 54 cm in depth. It is 61 kg’s in weight and is delivered in a part assembled condition.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a quality wardrobe at an affordable price and you like the look of pine then this wardrobe is most definitely worth a look at. It is available from The Cotswold Company. We recommend taking a look as it comes with a number of other items within the Hamilton Furniture Range which are just as good. It even includes a triple door version of this wardrobe.


Hamilton Pine Triple Wardrobe

The Hamilton Pine Triple Wardrobe is our first contender for the best triple wardrobe. What it offers is a whole array of drawers – in fact there are seven with three narrow and four wide drawers.

Available from The Cotswold Company this three door pine wardrobe is a total of 200 cm tall. The height is because of the drawers in the base. The height is actually a good thing. To get a taller wardrobe means you are getting more wardrobe and thus more storage per square inch of floor space taken up.

Just for the record this wardrobe is also 180 cm wide and 54 cm deep and weighs 85 kg’s. Not the deepest wardrobe around it does however make up for it with it’s width and height offering a high level of storage.

This solid pine triple wardrobe is in the race because it offers the strength, stability and look of pine wood but offer s large amount of storage with its seven drawers making it a superb purchase but if that isn’t enough for you then check out the rest of the Hamilton Pine Collection.

This wardrobe is good but put with Hamilton Pine beds, bedside tables, dressing tables and chest of drawers this wardrobe becomes awesome.


  • Collection: Hamilton Pine
  • Material: Pine
  • Type: Triple Wardrobe with Drawers
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Width: 180 cm
  • Depth: 54 cm
  • Weight: 85 Kg’s
  • Assembly: Part Assembled

Hamilton Pine – Other Items


What Next?

If you like the look of what you see and want to know more about these wardrobes or any item from the Hamilton Pine collection then please visit The Cotswold Company. They have these and hundreds of other wardrobes and home furniture items. Having used them ourselves we cannot recommend them enough.

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