What Exactly is a Gents Wardrobe?

Langley Pine Gents Double WardrobeYou may have heard the term ‘Gents Wardrobe’ but do you actually know what it means? I bought one a few years ago but at the time I didn’t actually know what made it a ‘gents wardrobe’. If you ever wondered then this post is for you.

What is a Gents Wardrobe?

A gents wardrobe is a wardrobe that has a main hanging rail section at the top and an additional drawer or drawers beneath. (aka wardrobes with drawers or a combination wardrobe).

The Benefits of Gents Wardrobes (with drawers)

The main benefit to a gents wardrobe is the extra drawer space it comes with. Sometimes slightly taller the wardrobe with drawers beneath takes advantage of vertical space in the bedroom.

In effect it can offer more storage per square inch of floor it takes up.

If your needs are small getting a gents wardrobe can remove the need for a separate drawer chest although this is really for extreme cases. In most cases the extra drawer or drawers is a welcomed addition to a drawer chest.

Best Gents Wardrobes

Not all wardrobes with additional drawers are classed as ‘gents’ but there are many great designs. To show you just what gents wardrobes have to offer we have detailed a few below. There are many more and all offer something a little different be it the size, the number of drawers or the wood they are made from. To see the full range of Gents Wardrobes please visit The Cotswold Company


Oakley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe

Oakley Pine Gents Double WardrobeThis is one of best looking of all the gents wardrobe rivaled only by the Langley Pine (see below). It has a hanging rail which is no real surprise but offers three drawers in a two over one layout.

This wardrobe is made from solid pine wood and offers a nice bit of storage at the bottom of the hanging rail compartment as well as on top of the wardrobe itself.

What makes this wardrobe really great is that its look, size and storage capacity is ideal for any bedroom from the guest right through to the master bedroom. It is well priced too. 

Short Spec

  • Dimensions – 185 cm x 95 cm x 57 cm
  • Type: Gents Wardrobe with 3 Drawers
  • Weight – 63 kg’s
  • Material – Pine
  • No of Drawers – 3
  • Delivered – Part Assembled


Chester Grey Gents Wardrobe

Chester Grey Gents WardrobeThe Chester Grey Gents Wardrobe is a elegant two door wardrobe which offers a good sized hanging rail compartment as well as a single deep drawer beneath.

This wardrobe and the matching bedroom furniture that goes with it create a wonderfully smart attractive look to any bedroom as well as offering great storage.

The wardrobe is heavy at 74.68 kg’s which is great when looking at its strength and stability. It is part assembled but is perhaps a little limited with only one drawer. It is great though with the matching chest of drawers.

Short Spec

  • Dimensions – 193 cm x 108.5 cm x 58 cm
  • Weight – 74.68 kg’s
  • Material – Painted
  • No of Drawers – 1
  • Delivered – Part Assembled


Langley Pine Gents Double Wardrobe

Langley Pine Gents Double WardrobeIf you have read anything at all on this site you may well have noticed that I love the Langley Pine range. I have several items from this range including this wonderful wardrobe.

As well as being amazingly solid this wardrobe offers a hanging rail behind both doors as well as a bottom shelf which we find perfect for some of our kids clothes. As well as that there are the two spacious drawers below.

This is the best example of a pine wardrobe in the gents category. I think you will agree that it combines the lovely looks of pine with a design that works really well.

Short Spec

  • Dimensions – 200 cm x 105 cm x 62 cm
  • Weight – 48 kg’s
  • Material – Pine
  • No of Drawers – 2
  • Delivered – Part Assembled


Ashwicke Grey Painted Gents Wardrobe with Drawers

Ashwicke Gents WardrobeThis is the most expensive of the models shown here. It is a beautiful model with a very useful design and good storage capacity.

This wardrobe has been made in part by hand so each one is unique which is a large part of the reason for the price of £999 (correct at time of writing).

This wardrobe not only has the two drawers in the base which is all part of being a gents wardrobe but also offers a top shelf above the hanging rail. It offers all three types of storage which helps with the flexibility and thus the usefulness of the unit.

Wardrobes do not come much better than this. If you are looking to invest in a quality bedroom then this is where you should start.

Short Spec

  • Dimensions – 196 cm x 103.9 cm x 60.7 cm
  • Weight – 76 kg’s
  • Material – Painted
  • No of Drawers – 2
  • Delivered – Part Assembled

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