What Type of Bed is Best for a Child?

My interest in wardrobes began when my family and I moved to a new house when my son was only 1 year old. Since then I have had a daughter who is 3 years old – my son is now 6. Over the last few years I have had on a number of occasions including buying my son a bed and my daughter a cot bed.

More recently I started to wonder if it was about time my daughter had her own single bed. The problem though is there is more to consider than just the type of bed. Within this article I want to go through the choices of bed, looking particularly at what ages are best for each type. I also want to look at other considerations such as the size of bedroom and the bedrooms layout. Let’s start with the options.

Beds for a Child: The Options

There are a number of beds available for a child. The best one really depends on the age of the child and their personality. The options are:

  • Cot Bed
  • Single Bed
  • Raised Bed
  • Bunk Beds


Buying a Child’s Bed: Other Considerations

Size of the Bedroom

Storage Needs

Other Siblings

The Child’s Preferences



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