Where to Place a Bed in a Small Bedroom

Bed in Small BedroomOver the years I have lived in many houses. With each new house came a new challenge – how to arrange the furniture. Some of the rooms I have slept in have been amazingly small so I have got used to being cleaver when fitting all the furniture in. It is a little like furniture tetris.. In fact the smaller the room the less options you have. In this post I want to talk about one of the most important questions you can ask – where do you place a bed in a small bedroom?

Where to Place the Bed: Things to Consider

Exactly how small is the room?

The first thing to think about is exactly how small is the bedroom in question. The reason we need to think about this is because it can have a massive impact on where you place the bed. If the room is wide enough for a bed and a bedside table on each side then the bed doesn’t have to go up against a wall on on side – for  double bed this would be something like 2.3 meters in width. This is with a bed of 137 cm and  x bedside tables of 46.5 cm each – I’m using the Oakley Pine Bedside Tables from the Cotswold Company for this example. If it isn’t wide enough then one side of the bed will need to go up against a wall.

Who is the room for?

Following on from the point above the next consideration is who is the room for? If it is for a child then you only need a single bed. This means putting it against the wall is no major issue. You can still make the bed if it is against the wall. This is a lot harder if it is a double.

What furniture do you have?

One important consideration that can restrict your options is what furniture you have. Assuming you do not wish to throw anything away. You may need the storage yet the furniture makes it impossible to fit in. This is an issue. One option is to invest in tallboy chest of drawers and wardrobes with drawers to make the most of vertical space. You can in effect increase storage volume without using more floor space.

Your needs vs your wants

You may need to accept that you are not going to get exactly what you want especially if your room is very small. You may need to settle for only what you need. This might mean having furniture that doesn’t look as you want but does offer the storage that you need. The room will not be ideal but it will be functional. Again it does depend on the points raised above.

There are plenty of options available with furniture. Check out the posts and guides for more.

Where to Place the Bed: The Solution

So those are just a few considerations to make when deciding where to place the bed in a small bedroom. What is the actual answer? Well as you may have guessed it depends. There are three typical solutions.

Bed Under the Window

Well typically if you are placing a double or king sized bed it would go under the window. (Please note I am not talking Feng Shui here) This is because it leaves the walls free to place taller furniture such as wardrobes against. You cannot place a wardrobe in front of the window as it would block the light. The bed can be placed there without blocking the light making it the perfect place to put it.

Headboard Against the Wall

For those with a little more space you may be able to arrange the furniture in a way that allows you to keep the window free. For this you would place the double bed headboard against any one of the walls in the room. Typically you would still place the bed in a way that the foot of the bed is closer to the door. It gives you a little more choice but can only be done if there is still enough wall to place wardrobes and drawer chests against.

Headboard and One Side Against the Wall

If you are extremely limited for space of you are placing a single bed then you would place the bed in the corner with the headboard against one wall and one side of the bed against the other wall. This removes the walking room on both sides of the bed. If you really don’t have the space then you have little choice. You could also invest in sliding door wardrobes as they will not need as much space in front of them on account of not having hinged doors.

In Summary

Put simply when placing a bed in a small bedroom you would want to place the bed headboard against the window. This is the most common place. The alternative is to place it against a wall ensuring that the foot of the bed is closer to the door than the headboard. With a really small room or when placing a single bed you would typically place the headboard against one wall and the side of the bed against the other.

At the end of the day you can arrange you room how you like. This post has hopefully given you a few ideals as well as a number of thing to consider. For more on bedroom furniture and how to get the most from your bedroom please check out my other posts and guides. Thanks for reading.

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